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Travel Tips: Barcelona Here We Come!!!!

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  1. soniastravels

    Oh boy Messi fan huh?? ME TOO!!!!

  2. Sergio Garcia

    how mature

  3. megstarbright

    Yay Nikki!

  4. Kelley H

    I’m so glad WheezyWaiter sent me here, your videos are great!

  5. soniastravels

    Wow. Thanks for your kind words.. And thanks for subscribing! Cheers! 🙂

  6. mCfranking

    I love Barcelona too

  7. blackandblue10

    I have a dumb question. Did the winner need a passport? I looked around on
    the website but I saw nothing about a passport but I figured you needed one
    anyway so I didn’t bother entering.

  8. wastingpapes

    it does kinda suck though i want to go 🙁

  9. Mrtopo10

    hablas excelente otros idiomas :O y amo cuando hablas frances <3

  10. amyamyamy17

    Where is the link below? I must participate! 🙂

  11. jeffnogo

    Sounds like a great trip. Also, I try to never comment on looks, but I love
    your hair in this.

  12. idothatsometimes

    I’m only 14, these are my favorite youtubers!! who ever wins is sooooo

  13. Ben Hudson

    If you can find out Joe’s eye color, you’ll be my hero.

  14. kyrorayne

    Hurray. Someone is really going to love this trip. I hope this got a lot of
    publication from the youtubers going with you. I heard about it from MGM
    because he’s awesome 😀

  15. 0vesty

    Wheezy Waiter!

  16. Maria Camilla

    I’m spending the fall semester in Barcelona for study abroad! I’m so

  17. soniastravels

    Sorry!!!! We had to abide by insurance rules!!

  18. John Doe

    I really like your videos. They’re consistently inspiring and put off a
    very optimistic vibe. And you have perfect teeth, by the way.

  19. d3mi19

    is this internation the contest?

  20. PogieJoe

    WheezyWaiter sent to your channel! You’re pretty cool, you are!

  21. soniastravels

    Welcome!! Thank you!!!!!!

  22. MrJunkye

    Moreeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! 🙂

  23. Jorge Maganha

    Sonia, are you spanish?

  24. soniastravels

    Really happy you discovered us and thanks for subscribing!

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