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Travel Tips: Best Shoes for Travel

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  1. Opheliavb

    In Denmark are Ecco the most ugly shoes you Can buy

  2. jennifer23ish

    hush puppies flats are good for walking all day ,I love them

  3. artist081375

    I love my keens, but they are a bit heavy to pack, so I choose these to
    wear on the plane.

  4. Gail Z

    Hey Sonia and friends on here,
    What do you think about Vibram FiveFingers for travelling/walking? Just
    bought a pair, but not so sure how it’ll be when we’re actually touring and
    walking a lot. Please let me know your experiences. Thank you!!

  5. Dolly B

    Just bought a pair of these at their website http://www.keenfootwear.com, it’s the
    Keen Mercer MJ CNX, based on this video. They were on sale for about half
    what they retail for everywhere, thanks for the tip, Sonia! Taking them to
    London in May!

  6. Susan Jones

    Love the keens, thanks for all your advice!

  7. LADYmoses

    Hi!! Thank you for your vids. They are getting me really for my next trip.
    Can you help with suggestions on what to take for a carnival in Brazil and
    Trinidad? Fun trip but I want to be super prepared!!


  8. Quarty

    I absolutely love keens! I was born with fallen arches (flat feet) and have
    always had really sore feet after walking for a long time (more then 1-2
    hours). I’ve found that with the keens I can go an extra 2 hours without
    being in immense pain.

  9. brimstone33

    Keenes feel great, some are urban-stylish. But they can be little clunky.
    I travel exclusively with ‘barefoot’ style shoes now, which are available
    in sporty and dressy styles. No support at all, like flats, but verrry
    flexible. After wearing them a while one’s foot strengthens and returns to
    a natural, barefoot stride that allows one to walk all day without feeling
    tired at all. Really. You don’t need an inch thick support sole if you’re
    used to barefooting it. My favorite make is Vivobarefoot. I also wear
    Huarache style barefoot sandals for around the hostel, in the shower and at
    the beach. Barefoot shoes are smaller and lighter than any other shoes so
    one can pack more. BTW Keene recently introduced some lighter, more
    flexible styles. Haven’t tried them yet but they look interesting.

  10. KatesPlaceDIY

    I buy Keens for my son. It really depends on the style of the shoe (in my
    opinion). The last pair I got him ran small, but they tend towards wide
    (which is why I like them).

  11. tatilopespt

    Those shoes look cool. I’m glad we have the same opinions on oxfords. They
    are some of the best.

  12. Vivian Beaudoin


  13. Mila2858

    how to get over fear of flying?

  14. Aparna A

    I never understand those girls who travel, especially in an aeroplane… in
    heels. :/ how?! I would not want to walk around, in the airport, lugging my
    luggage in heels!!

  15. Amy S

    heyy i love your blog and the videos ..<3 can you please put a video about
    what to pack when you're going overseas to study ....????

  16. Bonny Schnei

    I also think that ECCO are awesome travel shoes but for me, the cutest most
    comfy shoes are NAOT. There are some styles that are so cute you wouldn’t
    believe they could be so comfortable!

  17. A Rhee

    I love my Keens too!

  18. Susan Pertierra

    I would take these CNX shoes on a road trip to Montana and Idaho.

  19. partikla86

    the subscribe camera was very funny 🙂 1.shoe 2.shoe 3.shoe 4. subscribe
    :)) sonia looks like a kitten isn’t she? :)) and her beautifull hair is
    like a kitten’s fur. now she needs whiskers, tail, and pair of ears on top
    and she really will be accepted by any cat community

  20. Dawn H

    Keen, Born, Dansko are great! If using a shoe with no support, like
    Converse, put Superfeet insoles in.

  21. Sidhant Khatri


  22. abearz504

    I really like those yellow Keens. I’m going to try to find them online
    right now.

  23. Vivian Beaudoin

    I feel so special!! 🙂

  24. Jayde Quinn

    Sonia! I love your videos!

  25. Vivian Beaudoin

    Great video Sonia!!

  26. oxylqgehm

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