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Travel Tips by the Canada Border Services Agency

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  1. matrixi4i

    Treat them how you would like to be treated and you will see they are
    friendly people. That’s what I found out.

  2. Félix Maltchinski

    Be aware and declare. Pensez y déclarez. 

  3. ntenzz1808

    we need C$10,000 just to enter the border?! For god’s Sake!!!

  4. Doron Chlors

    CBSA officers never smile

  5. MsColdCanada

    @jamey123456789 Lol! What you come back to this video every two months to
    warn people? It doesn’t get that many hits.

  6. sXeCanadianBoy

    Ok if you cannot spell border then DO NOT try to have a conversation with
    me on YouTube. You’re clueless.

  7. Baseshocks

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  8. Christopher Trojanowski

    it’s called an actor 😛

  9. phlarrdboi


  10. MrEthekyaa

    All you idiots complaining about CBSA need to understand that they’re being
    rude as a result of the policy of multiculturalism. Harass the 50 year old
    white woman and smile at the bearded Arab guy in mideval garb. They have to
    treat everyone equally, that means being rude to everyone equally. Ever
    been through Israeli security? They’ll ask you 5 very wierd questions and
    figure out instantly whether you’re a terrorist or not.

  11. Algonquin81

    Sounds exactly the same as my experience when I visited Yankee doodleville

  12. tootallification

    why do they want to know how much cash you have???what the hell does that
    have to do with securing the border?

  13. keliata

    I had one US boarder/customs agent question me about why I was smiling
    coming back to the US. Damn, I was at the beach and had a great afternoon.
    Smiling is now suspicious activity

  14. 415Underdog

    They didn’t let me in because I didn’t have enough $ in my account and even
    walked me to the atm to lok at my balance. They never said how much was
    enough, oh and I got caught with weed in my pocket last time but I paid the
    fine and spent the night at a detention center they got at the airport.

  15. ijustwanttoseetitty

    some may argue that the Taliban are standing up for themselves.

  16. NfldBiker

    I just came back from Florida via Pearson and I know as a result of looking
    like and being a biker, I was chosen to undergo a secondary screening.
    Whether it was profiling or not doesn’t matter to me because frankly, if I
    was a CBSA Officer, I would’ve chosen me to undergo a secondary screening
    as well. I don’t like being inconvienced either, but I also know after 9/11
    their jobs are that much harder to do. If you have nothing to hide, shut up
    and suck it up.

  17. ReviewCam .

    What is approrpriate ID? I don’t have a driver’s license or non-driver’s ID
    or passport/passport card, or military ID ; just a birth certificate and a
    birth certificate wallet card with photo ID and my finger print on it. I
    traveled to Canada (Fort Erie and Crystal Beach) a lot as a kid but I doubt
    I’ll be able to cross the border anymore unless I get the “proper’ ID. I
    see a major hassle getting into Canada and getting back in to the US 🙁

  18. BostonCreamDonut

    Because the US has problems with their southern border with illegal aliens
    hopping the border and bringing their low quality of life and idea`s with
    them, Canada has the same problem on their southern border also.

  19. danbeb

    @CF5LiberalFighter Is the CBSA that bad? I’m a student and they are
    currently putting me through the reqruitment process. I feel bad that
    people think this way about border officers. I will try to (unless they
    force me) be a respectful officer if I end up getting hired.

  20. jaydee040

    Frankly I don’t care if Hitler raised from the ground and tried to gain
    access in the US, they made their own bed with their foreign policy and I
    refuse to be bullied because of it. The reason is sucks is because people
    don’t stand up for themself any more, at least collectively that is.

  21. RickySouthwell

    @ReviewCam What they mean is a passport and only a passport.

  22. NfldBiker

    I’ve been subjected to secondary searches a few times and I know it’s
    because I look sketchy. 🙂 Call it profiling or whatever but if I was a
    CBSA agent I’d pull me aside also! They have a thankless job and they have
    to be on their toes every time. I’ve never found them to be arrogant or
    rude at all. It’s all in the way YOU present yourself to them. I have
    nothing to hide so I allow them to do their jobs without a hassle. It’s a
    new word since 9/11 and we have to adapt it’s really that simple!

  23. edwardmtl

    i don’t know about you, but when I come home (back to canada) I feel good
    and welcomed. yes they ask questions, you answer them. IF they want to
    search your bag, let them. What’s the issue? It’s for our own good in the
    end. If some guy is on a power trip, keep calm and answer him politely. In
    the end you’ll be home in no time

  24. Krishna Nand

    Vancouvers CBSA is the worst customs in the world, They probably hire
    people that were picked on as kids.

  25. GoanArchAngel

    @danbeb no…I wouldnt say they are any different from any other agency.
    Like every place, you have your good officers and you have your bad
    officers. Keep in mind that people dont like being told what they can and
    cant do. These guys enforce border legislation and I wouldnt be surprised
    that a bulk of these guys complaining were caught doing something or
    bringing something they werent supposed to.