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Travel Tips: Customs + Immigration – What You Need to Know

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  1. peterk814

    Make sure your pen is black or blue. No reds pinks or purples :)

  2. Frog Cam

    also remember certain countries strict quarantine requirements. Australia
    you cannot bring anything living, including plants or foods at risk of bugs
    or parasites 

  3. lexi ryder

    Mexico takes all the bananas. They love them. They need them. They train
    their dogs to find them.

  4. MreXcite

    I’m not a secret agent for sure. Or am I? 

  5. Raksha Rae

    I remember when I went to London to visit my brother. The guy at the
    immigration took FOREVER just to ask me the purpose of visit, where I was
    going to stay at, how long I was going to be there, and whether I was
    travelling alone (I was travelling with my parents – which meant it
    literally took FOREVER just to clear all those questions per person) =/

  6. linda viveros

    Your tips are always helpful…even if I’m not traveling at the moment I
    still look at your videos…cause you never know what happens and I’m glad
    I’m getting tips from you Sonia. Thanks! 🙂 have a nice day

  7. Imhim247

    Thanks for the tips! Can’t wait to go to Philippines! 

  8. Mademoiselle Emma

    thanks for the tips! quick question. i’ll be traveling to france sometime
    next year with my husband. obviously i have to have my passport but do i
    need to do a visa thingy? like anything extra.

  9. MissJubilee

    Some countries beside the US also care what you bring in. China has a
    customs form, for example. Australia tends to be super picky about things
    like produce too – after all, their local ecosystems are different from the
    rest of the world’s. Also, beware US travelers who might think (as I did)
    that you don’t need a visa for other English-speaking countries: You do for
    Australia! (and perhaps others…) Thank goodness for the kind airline
    check-in worker in Bangkok who helped me get a visa online before boarding
    my connecting flight to Brisbane.

  10. Lily M

    Not customs, but I was asked to go to some random little office at
    Gibraltar airport so they could empty my bag… a can of insect repeller
    that had been on at least 10 flights before was confiscated as being
    dangerous. Who knew?! :p

  11. Stellar Dusk

    They took your banana??? 

  12. ragingsilver

    I can vouch for the pen thing. I missed my connecting flight because of
    that issue and no one would lend me a pen on the plane :(

  13. Michael Johnson

    Thank you for another entertaining and useful video.

  14. Mireya Alejandrina Coronado

    me gustan mucho tus videos, Dios te bendiga Sonia…

    quiero ir a Colombia de vacaciones pero no se que documentos piden,que
    dinero agarran aya, cual es el mejor hotel que me recomiendes y la
    aerolinea te agradeceria mucho que me dieras tips seguire ahorrando en el
    2015 para asi poderme ir muy pronto de vacaciones

    que tengas buen dia, saludos desde Tamaulipas México :)

  15. Rouge Lips

    Because I’m from Puerto Rico and have an American passport (as all puerto
    ricans do) I’m almost always held back at immigration and have to explain
    the whole common wealth thing and why I have an american passport.
    Sometimes is funny, others is annoying.There was one time when I was taken
    aside from my group of friends and everyone was freaking out because they
    though something was wrong. Sigh

  16. Faith Elizabeth

    like you’re really gonna tell the immigration if you are a secret agent or
    drug lord lol 

  17. Aza Za

    Can you bring your own food on the plane or will they take it

  18. Peter Kim

    You should go to asian countries as well! I’m doing another multi country
    trip this winter to Japan korea Singapore hk vietnam and Thailand. I’d love
    for you to join!

  19. Frijole

    There are a few comments on here about moving to another country
    long-term. Immigration isn’t as simple as picking a country and booking a
    flight; it can be a years-long process. You typically need to have
    relatives in the country or a job offer in hand to even be considered.

    Even then, you’ll usually have to have a medical exam to make sure you’re
    not carrying any diseases, a background check to make sure you’re not
    running from the law, and an interview where they’ll question your
    character and motives. At some point you may be flat-out told that your
    kind isn’t welcome in their country. There’s also tons of paperwork that
    will inevitably get lost, and guess who’s responsible for getting
    everything back on track.

  20. NykkiWasHere

    Just a quick point: if you’re travelling somewhere geographically isolated,
    they may have stricter customs regulations than other places to keep the
    enivronment clean from all the nasties you can find in the rest of the
    world. If you wait until you do the customs card on the plane, you could
    get burned and have to throw away something you want to keep, particularly
    if you’re traveling on from somewhere else if you have souvenirs.
    The big one for me is Australia and wood. If you want a souvenir its worth
    shelling out the extra bucks to get it in treated wood or to find somewhere
    that will treat it for you. Its also a good idea to have a glance over the
    regulations of anywhere you intend to visit. A lot of things are
    self-evident (don’t try to bring in drugs, duh) but somethings you just
    don’t expect (chewing gum in Singapore, for example)

  21. Parmesana

    do you know anything about border officials wanting a bribe for you to
    enter? I was traveling from Italy to Prague for a weekend trip(by
    auto)..and had problems at the Slovenia border. My Italian friend had to
    enter their little office and was occupied for some time. Any ideas why
    this was done?

  22. adilene ramirez

    OMG ! Thanks I’m going to Brazil for New Year’s thanks about the visa
    notice ! Talk Life saver!
    Thanks you ! 

  23. Hurley Travel Experts

    Some little-known facts about customs & immigration. Did you know that some
    countries require that your passport be valid for 6 months?

    If you’re traveling internationally, be sure to ask your travel expert
    about customs & immigration laws in the country you’re traveling to. We can
    help make sure you’re well prepared before you leave.

  24. Waverly875

    Immigration can be very tiring as the line is super long and slow. Go to
    those station where there is shorter line or those station for local which
    will be faster and get out for the crowd. Sonia, I love your show. Can you
    go to Asia to explore? Such as Singapore (where I lived). I did not see any
    video about Asia. Can you do one video about Asia. I love to see. Hope you
    can make one. Thanks

  25. Ruby Chiang

    this is very helpful!!!! I’m planning to immigrate to Canada in two years
    times (I’ll look on to this video in two years time!!!) and this is great
    information to know since USA is close to Canada!!!! Thanks Sonia!!!!!