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Travel tips from tennis ace Rafael Nadal

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  1. trilfy Reply

    Rafa is swagged out!

  2. Indigo Whitely Reply

    since when did rafa invest in a hotel? lol wut

  3. April Robbins Reply

    LOL!! how funny! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  4. Naz Türkmen Reply

    0.44 is the one of the best smiles I’ve ever seen

  5. MsMaxibom Reply

    Handsome hot and the best tennis player wowww Rafaa

  6. hexagon523 Reply

    Simply the best!

  7. Conish22 Reply

    From all the habits he has on the court, I’d imagine that he’s late because
    he’s busy making sure everything in his bag is exactly where it should be

  8. q c t b Reply

    1:05 Rafa nice hair, you’re starting to look like Sampras now.

  9. Bilal Baig Reply

    1:44 i love bitch hahah

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