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So how much does it really cost to travel through Indonesia? Here I break down accommodation, food, drinks, attractions and transportation!


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  1. DappoSkates

    100,000 Rp (10$) 50,000 Rp (5$) 20,000(2$) 10,000(1$) when in america only 1$ by indonesia its expensive as 13,000 Rp

  2. GETTING CLOSE TO | travel blog

    I'm going to watch more of your videos. Great job.

  3. raindogred

    once you get away from the tourist places such as bali/lombok the real price is much cheaper. A nasi goreng pretty much standard throughout indo is rp10000, a juice is 5000, satay is rp12-15000, and nasi padang is about 20-25000 for a double portion of meats, veggies rice. Beer is pretty much cheaper in Bali other parts of Indo because theres more places competing and selling.

  4. emie chan

    Btw im indonesian and if any of u ppl wanna go there plz note are money goes like in 1000 and big numbers dont be scared tho cuz thats the way it just is anyways. The highest money number is 10000 its basically like a 100 dolars in you american point of view

  5. Luca YourFitnessEngineer

    "2 dollars for a massive meal"… NO TRUE!!!!

  6. Adrain Coyne

    I just subscribed.thank u my dear.good video covering all the costs.regards Adrian

  7. RienCod

    Riding on the horses also might be dangerous because of rabies right? I'm going there and have been advised to stay away from animals.

  8. Liam Parkin

    You're annoying and not a real traveller. Check in with all the comforts of home…

  9. Jasper Bens

    This is fucking expensive, I'm sure you can find some 5-10 dollar rooms

  10. uglyguyfe

    This was very helpful! So it is 700 for both of you for 3 weeks or per person?

  11. patricia goeyardi

    Holyyyyy what's the name of that villa? I live in Bali and that villa is quite cheap considering it's gorgeous af. Please let us know Bc one of my close friends are finding a villa to stay in for their birthday

  12. GoBunt

    while traveling how do you find an accommodation? just walking around and asking around or with the internet (hostelbookers etc)?

  13. 1234LMAO12345

    the scooters are way overpriced there, in Indonesia they cost like 2 dollars per day

  14. taegello

    did you use air bnb ?

  15. Nicole Worsley

    Was 3 weeks long enough? Was there anything you wanted to see you didn't have time for?

  16. Nicole Worsley

    Did you stay in any hostels in Indonesia?

  17. Joseph Armando

    For u its so cheap but Indonesians its expensive because u use dollars and Indonesians use rupiah

  18. Ronoj Brahma

    Please tell me the name of the private villa that you stayed in for $85. Thanks in advance.

  19. Gabriel Defa

    dont go to aceh… its like saudi arabia in indonesia

  20. Gabriel Defa

    milkfish, rice, coffee, and 2 bean curd plus 2 cigarettes( we also sell retail cigarette per stick) are only cost 7.5 cent imagine that!! cigarette higest cost is 2 dollar.