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Travel Tips: How To Avoid Packing Hell

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  1. steelsheen Reply

    my last trip had one of the little travel bottles leak, gonna try that
    masking tape solution Sonia thanks!

  2. Milagros Simarro Reply

    Seriously, the band-aid tip has saved my life. ¡Gracias Sonia!

  3. Jahnalee Offenbecker Reply

    if you use the hair drier use the end that she used because you can burn
    your clothes with out a end on the hair drier

  4. Angelina Boström Reply

    🙂 let your pen get married …..hahahaha nice! thanks for tips and sit
    down comedy!

  5. i'm called cookie Reply

    Great video. But, The wave at the beginning???

  6. Aaliyah Jasani Reply

    You are awesome

  7. waga95 Reply

    Really like that ironing tip!

  8. Lina Strindlund Reply

    spanish? 😀 suitcase selfdefense. 😉 

  9. Peace597 Reply

    Amazing! thank you :D

  10. Glenn Brockett Reply

    Great tips, I really like the hair-drier idea (I hate ironing). A pen is
    always a good idea, you can shorten a stick pen and it fits better in a
    wallet or purse. (I use a Fisher Bullet pen.)

  11. ChatOmbre Reply

    What are your favorite fabrics (for clothing) when traveling?

  12. Aparna A Reply

    Tip for ironing shirt collars: Use hair straighteners. 

  13. Susan Murray Reply

    Love your travel tips. I’m surprised that you don’t mention / use the
    plastic bags that scrunch up, remove air and use less space. I love them.

  14. MsStarfish75 Reply

    So random but I love carrying a nail polish or two when traveling… best
    way to store in carry on?

  15. Nohely Abad Reply

    Can you make a whats in my backpack when you are traveling please ?’

  16. Charmmy Choy Reply

    i grabbed a pen be4 my last trip after i had watched this vid.

  17. Anne Butcher Reply

    Haven’t flown in a while and I’m preparing for a trip. Marathon-ing your
    packing playlist and it’s so helpful! Thank you so much!

  18. Boni B Reply

    Another tip for getting wrinkles out.. place it into the dryer for a bit
    with a wet cloth, and the condensation from the cloth drying will get the
    wrinkles out 🙂 Throw in a dryer sheet to make your shirt smell nice too!

  19. SweetIndiaGirl Reply

    I used like all of these tips

  20. Danny Murk Reply

    Masking tape? Genius…

  21. Deri Cleland Reply

    Band aids in the wallet- genius!

  22. soniastravels Reply

    Gracias! Saludos!

  23. slobomotion Reply

    If your feet aren’t happy, your trip is ruined! Good for you!

  24. maggiehanna Reply

    I would have never thought of using masking tape on bottles. Thanks Sonia!

  25. Stephany Hemelberg Reply

    Me encantaron los tips! gracias!

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