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TRAVEL TIPS: How to Get Cheap Airline Tickets

Happy Vlogtober! What’s better than cheap airline tickets? No, really, what?! I was introduced to this website called JetRadar.com that has some seriously awesome flight deals that don’t even compare to other flight search engines. So, of course, I thought I’d share with you since I want us all to travel far, long and as cheap as possible 🙂

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JetRadar: https://www.jetradar.com

More about Tariffs:

There are many more classes and fares that go along with those classes than just economy, business and first class. For example, Delta has Y, B, M, S, H, Q, K tariffs in economy class, each selling at different prices.

These seats are the exact same but with slight differences in the details. Some tariffs may result in more reward miles, different refund terms or longer stay requirements. As a result, tariff S may cost 0 and tariff Q 0 even though they are both for the exact same seat and you are getting the exact same service.

I know that is basically what I said in the video, but sometimes it’s easier to read this kind of stuff:)

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  2. Eshan Kadam

    use skiplagged.com
    it is savage

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    what work u do mis kristen carey

  4. Ryan B

    Ok so me and my friends want to get up and go because we want to see the world before it goes to shit so if you could help us that would be great
    When we are leaving we will be leaving from Winnipeg Manitoba Canada 1-3 of us will have a drivers license and we will be 15-16 but we may take a chill uncle so we can leave the country any places to go? How can we minimize spending

  5. Kiyan Riahi

    is it better to.get discount ticket or full fare.

  6. Rany Ishak

    jet radar gave me 5,430 at least when I went to kayak and it was 1,470

  7. humanyoda

    JetRadar seems to give higher prices than other places, e.g. Travelocity.

  8. Nguyen Man

    Hope to earn a lot of money to travel. Become travelers

  9. brncur69

    Heading to the Philippines in June:)

  10. joyjoyoo

    I just downloaded the jet radar app without seeing this , lol

  11. VonnieLovesU

    very helpful!! thank you!!

  12. Amitabha Gupta

    Are there any hidden or undisclosed conditions when you buy those cheap tickets from those search engines? And if so, how do you find them out beforehand? Thanks

  13. John Carey

    Green Bay WI to Syracuse NY

  14. John Carey

    Kristen Sarah looks like Emily Blunt here.

  15. liam amsden

    sorry but i beat you again with the same site from the last comment i posted

  16. Micah Lease

    Started watching your channel recently and already finding a lot of good tips, but could you offer advice on traveling to Italy. My father and I are going next spring and I have never traveled farther then Alaska… dont know where to begin… thanks!!!

  17. desiderataification

    If you have any advice on how to get from Montreal to Budapest Hungary for cheaper then $800 I would be very happy :)

  18. Alex Nadon

    Hey there i can show you how to travel for less and even get paid to do what you love to do. The travel industry is the largest in the world, get a piece of it. http://www.surge365.com/1355071

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    Thank you for the great tip! 🙂 planning on going to Hawaii :)

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    Thanks so much! :D