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In this video, I reveal my secret for getting the cheapest flight to anywhere in the world.
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Look what I found!!! The Flight Centre global site with a map and links to all the websites: https://www.flightcentre.com/ New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong India and more. You can all book with them!


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  1. Ahmad Amin

    I actually book a flight for end of November for $527 from JFK to BKK.

  2. R camacho

    i paid 600 for Thailand from LAX … roudtrip! 🙂 i have a few steps myself

  3. Andy Tonge


  4. Sharatain X

    Go "off season" if possible. That's how me and my fiancé get the ticket prices down when we go visit eachother (Sweden, France). I mean you can manage to get a ticket lower price on high season compared to the other tickets during that time and save a bit of money. And then you can get a ticket 1/3 of that price by going off season. Me and my fiancé obviously don't care about the weather or things like that so if you don't really care either, then that's a good thing to do.
    And getting the tickets in time can be saving you money aswell.
    When you go off-season you can also get cheaper tickets to whatever you want to visit while in the country. Like a zoo or museum and you also don't have to spend as much time in queue., hotel might be cheaper etc. Just make sure the place you want to stay at or visit is even open during low season.

  5. Le Chef

    Is there a way to get a free flight from Turkey to Canada? Help me Im desperate haha

  6. Kasey Coffee

    Does Flight Centre match prices from Lonely Planet fight deals? I am looking at a flight from St Louis Missouri to Bangkok Thailand in October and Lonely Planet quotes a flight for $775 one way and Flight Centre quotes me the same flight for $990.

  7. Beauty 14

    Will this work because I'm going CA

  8. Nathan Wira

    Spirit if flying in the US. Go when they offer a deal then take that to the airport and they will lower it by $36 round trip per person. Another one if there is a layover do a multi-trip mode with the same flights and the price is sometimes lower or you can then have a longer layover and spend the afternoon in Vegas.

  9. Nathan Wira


  10. Kia Seiuli

    I'm looking for something cheap for me and my kids from Cali to Australia around March..The kids are from the age 16/ 13/12/6 Please need help

  11. aesthetic Muffin

    statravel.com works sometimes

  12. billy Salto

    I want to know

  13. H & S Travel & Tours

    Really tricky tips


    try looking up flights mid week i do to go to Norway, Norwegian air 80 return, at Norwegian prices thats dam good

  15. liam amsden

    i just beat kayak with matrix ita software by 10 bucks

  16. Sarah Magill

    SkyScanner.com is cool because it offers a graph with all the flight prices. So if you have some flexibility, you can search for the cheapest flight.

  17. Owen Mann

    Thank you so much you've turned my perfect flight into a reality and even helped me book a holiday. I will throughly recommend your vids to my friends

  18. Emily Oehler

    Does Flight Centre only carry flights for these certain locations? (Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States) because I wanted to plan a trip to France from USA… Thanks!

  19. xmagnificentx

    Hi I'm planning to go to Los Angeles from Boston on July 29 and I found a flight for $343. Should I book it now or wait? Would there be cheaper ones if I wait?  Thank you.

  20. brad h

    "Well, we can't beat that deal. I guess we will have to just give you a free flight." Gimmicks…