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  1. HTGlobe

    Look what I found!!! The Flight Centre global site with a map and links to
    all the websites: https://www.flightcentre.com/ New Zealand, Singapore,
    Hong Kong India and more. You can all book with them!

  2. HTGlobe

    This deal is not just for Canadians. I have provided links to the various
    Flight Centre and Kayak websites. There may be even more. As I know, I will
    post them in the description box. So far, I’ve got Canada, US, UK and
    Australia for FC. Kayak you can access and book from everywhere I believe.

  3. msowmith20

    hi everyone ,if anyone else is searching for
    how to find the cheapest flights anywhere try *Awsomic Air Genie* (search
    on google ) ? Ive heard some unbelievable things about it and my partner
    got great results with it.

  4. Dio Guajardo
  5. Sweet Lady

    Flightcentre, I checked it, its just for Australia, so if you are in
    another country, sorry..Hopefully someone can link a good site offering
    #cheapflights for all the continents and the countries found in them, and
    their main flying zone(like the cities they fly too often.

  6. Ferni1565

    Thanks for the tip Kristen, But what do you think of the site

  7. SheTravelSavvy

    This is GENIUS!

  8. Air Concierge

    50% off international fares + free personal concierge. call 855-855-5-FLY.

  9. Pause The Moment

    Always trying to one up me +Kristen Sarah. Kidding! Loved the video and,
    coincidentally enough, we both ended up posting a video today about using
    price alerts to find cheap flights. Creeeeeeeepy! I’m really liking the
    flightcentre tip, that’s such a sweet deal (even if it’s only a buck!)

  10. girlvsglobe

    This is GENIUS!

  11. Brian Alvarez

    This just blew my mind

  12. worldhotelsdeal

    great video, shame so aimed at australia only, could try my own website
    worldhotelsdeal.com yes, we sell flights too

  13. Wheres Pablo

    Great tips and video! I always check Vayama and Kayak then set up an alert
    with Airfare Watchdog. Have you ever tried them? 

  14. Ayngelina Brogan

    Nice work +Kristen Sarah , way to show +Ryan Gargiulo up :)

  15. JOMY M

    Good video. Trying to book a flight from JFK to Ohio(Columbus) for April.
    Is that flightcenter.com or flightcent”r”e.com ?

  16. Jon Watson

    Thanks for this. I just booked a flight to Australia yesterday. I’m
    ridiculously excited 

  17. Anna E

    I live in Greece and flightcentre.com does not offer its service to my
    country. Is kayak.com the best option for me then ?

  18. MrSupercar55

    Crikey!!! I could be flying out of Heathrow on a 747 bound for Sydney,
    Australia for like £500 if that’s the case!!! People tell me that the plane
    would be an old banger, but do I really care about that?

  19. Disasterjunkiea

    Is this just for Canadians?

  20. Renee Champagne

    When you set up a flight alert on Kayak, do you put the price you want to
    pay that already includes all the taxes and fees? That’s always confused

  21. Alex Zavala

    Thanks been trying to find a cheap prize for my trip to Brazil this

  22. Tyler Perez


  23. OnTheGoWithCarson

    This is the best secret ever, Thank you 🙂 

  24. HTGlobe

    My secret for getting the cheapest flights

  25. Caleb Osborne

    Great in depth how-to Kristen! I didn’t know flight center existed until
    you mentioned it.

  26. DejahThoris00

    Thanks for making a video on this! I can’t wait to try it out :)