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Travel Tips: How to Pack for Long Trips

Cracking the Secret Code of Travel every Thursday.

Sonia Gil shares her travel tips and shows you how to pack for long trips.

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  1. Ianne Go Reply

    I so love your vlogs! Very helpful!

  2. Giulia Gasparini Reply

    ONLY. 3 . SHOES. HOW ????

  3. Ben Collins Reply

    This is one of the politest comments section I have seen on a YouTube channel – it makes a refreshing change. Obviously Sonia's followers are very nice people.  :-)

  4. Brandon Sakul Reply

    I am studying abroad in Spain for about 6 weeks. Would the Osprey Farpoint 40 be enough for my whole stay? Thank you

  5. Renee Stevens Reply

    Very helpful. . . thanks!

  6. Marta Reply

    I know portuguese as well!

  7. Israel Huertas Reply

    Hola! Viajo todo el tiempo por mi trabajo y tu videos han sido una bendición! Asi que mil gracias!! Saludos desde Puerto Rico.

  8. Sonia g Reply

    Hey I would love it if we could talk one-o-one.. It is my first time leaving my home for 6 months and I'm freaking out on what to bring from Greece (It's almost summer here) to Germany (I'll be back in the winter). I'm going as a research trainee.. so it is work purpose.. what to bring oh my god?!

  9. toyarj37 Reply

    You didn't pack shoes for exercise

  10. Indigo Blue Reply

    Awesome video!! Wish I had seen this when I traveled to Germany!

    But, have you done a video for traveling to the Caribbean or to the beach? ☺️☺️

  11. shajunda Brown Reply

    Thanks. sounds great. Will have to watch over and over. I'm the one to take everything I own.

  12. girls for the rescue Reply

    im going to three city with my school✌????

  13. Renata Natureza Reply

    Totally loved ur video. Just saved me haha Thank u!

  14. Priscila Carvalho Reply

    are you brazilian?

  15. Osca Alva Reply

    q what suitcase bag you put that all in carry on ?

  16. Sarah Burns Reply

    And brand of black booties?

  17. Sarah Burns Reply

    What is the brand of your scarf?

  18. Sharky Reply

    I pack for one week with 10 pants and 10 shirts and wash them but that is not enough!!!!!

  19. Taylor Tafelski Reply

    How to pack for spring in france??

  20. strawberry shortcake Reply

    could you please give some tips for first time traveler?

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