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TRAVEL TIPS: How to Pack Like a Pro

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  1. Daria Tao Tkocz Reply

    Kristen, you read my mind o_o I was struggling with packing for few days
    and I just couldn’t force myself to do that. Now I packed it all into one
    bag and I couldn’t be happier <3 Thank you so much for awesome tip and
    motivation it gave me =D

  2. Without License Reply

    I roll up all my clothes too but never thought to fold the bottom. Mind

  3. sammm Reply

    Where did you get the towel? It looks so lightweight!

  4. hikkipedia Reply

    Awesome technique! I love packing tips

  5. DamonAndJo Reply

    We’ve never tried the rolling method, but we do have a certain
    method…that we’re not even sure has a name!

  6. TheTravelingClatt Reply

    I’m actually going on a trip in a few days so this was really helpful!

  7. Crabjuice Reply

    Couldn’t help but notice the new jewelry 😉
    BTW, what do you think of those roll-up bags for packing clothes?
    Gotta go- we’re off to Alaska!

  8. Jendi P. Reply

    Isn’t it great to have cotton that doesn’t wrinkle! Do you ever roll
    outfits together?

  9. snuggielover123 Reply

    What shoes do you normally take with you when you travel? Maybe you and
    your hubby can make a video on that showing different shoe options for
    different climates and activities! 

  10. OnTheGoWithCarson Reply

    Love the tucking tip! I usually always roll my clothes but have never heard
    of the tucking tip… Brilliant! I also saw a peak of those sexy pajama
    bottoms 😉 

  11. Diana Vizcarra Reply

    Great tip thanks 🙂 I’m going on vacation soon ^.^ this will come in handy

  12. lyublyuisusa Reply

    Can u do a vidwo explaining what sorts of things will save space, like i
    noticed your towels are different than usual…when i go my towels take
    half the suitcase

  13. shetravels Reply

    oh wow! this is really helpful! thanks Kristen <3

  14. Molly Mosby Reply

    Wow such a cool trick! I’ve always rolled my clothes to save room but I’ve
    never seen the tuck-flap trick – such a great idea!! 

  15. lucy taylor Reply

    Useful tip!!

  16. shadesoflife Reply

    I do this for undies but wait… shirts and pants?! Why didn’t I think of
    this before.

  17. Bianca91710 Reply

    What type of towel is that. It looks so thin

  18. Minthuunio's Life Reply

    So useful tips! Going to use them in less than 3 weeks :)

  19. Resorthoppa Reply

    What’s your #holiday packing style? Chuck it in and jump on the case or
    plan carefully and pack like this uber organised traveller?

  20. snuggielover123 Reply

    Do the clothes that you fold end up getting wrinkled because of the way you
    roll them up? And when you travel what do you do when your clothes do get
    all wrinkled? 

  21. Juri Arisugawa Reply

    amazingly helpful and easy to do! thank you for sharing o(^____^)o

  22. ResistanceMC Reply

    hay im a guy can you be les girlyu thanks

  23. ADragonAmongRoses Reply

    Really useful technique.

  24. HTGlobe Reply

    Want to know how to pack like a pro and JUST bring a carry on with you on
    your next trip? Watch this video!

  25. MrMongo321 Reply

    Anyone happen to know the maximum allowable size (length, width, and depth)
    for carry-on airplane luggage for the overhead bins?

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