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Travel Tips – How to Pack Smart

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  1. Alisha's Guide Reply

    yay! I’m happy hear I could help! have fun in Atlanta!

  2. Jacek Bozek Reply

    my trip is in 2 months and it is my first time packing myself i am 10 so i
    am enjoying these vids and this one was so much help thanks

  3. Mscellobass Reply

    Sorry thought u were a karen hejehe!

  4. Alisha's Guide Reply

    yay! glad I could help out!!! have fun on your trip =D I hope it’s an

  5. Mscellobass Reply

    Karen u kidding me? First of all all you do is talk third way through the
    video and your packing is awash,

  6. Tara Batie Reply

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  7. Alisha's Guide Reply

    yup =)

  8. Danielle Bee Reply

    Making a list really helps!

  9. Alisha's Guide Reply

    who’s karen?

  10. Nicole Sweetman Reply

    This really helped I’m going from Australia to America

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