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TRAVEL TIPS: How to Pee Standing Up

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Technician in electronic's full time Webmaster in spare time Trying to make a living :)
  1. ClearwaterMK2

    Every Women’s Restroom needs a urinal!!

  2. Blind Scarab

    I’d go a zip-lock plastic bag to put it into afterwards :)

  3. James King

    Giving it a shake! LOL

  4. KenThe Kemmist

    Nice.. Guys get the powerade bottle. Just barely wide enough to piss into. 

  5. haley papa

    Hi am a big big big fan I have watched a lot of your videos 

  6. molly wright

    I love it it is asum

  7. haley papa

    I made my thing with
    A&W cups and I put a hole in the butum of the cup


    when i see a girl piss i want to fuck them as hard as i can..i would fuck
    the bitch in this video

  9. Null_Shock

    Well I will admit it was awkward when you showed a bottle with your wee in
    it. . .and the the full on stream was. . .just made me feel like I was
    watching something I shouldn’t have been watching, but like a train wreck I
    was just “what the. . .frak.” (o_O) Still as a male that has enjoyed the
    ability to urinate virtually anywhere comfortably granted to me by my
    penis. . . I say Boldly “go” where no woman has gone before! (Star Trek
    theme music.)

  10. Kaitlin Punches

    I want one!!!! 

  11. Stacey Hutton

    Lol thank you for doing such a full on review!!! I’ve been considering this
    for a while now, but i just can’t see how I won’t pee on myself lol can’t
    believe you managed to pee in a car with jeans on!! Lol well done! P.S.
    Ignore the haters this video is GOLD! And clearly they were not ur intended

  12. Celest Torres

    I’m a tomboy and I must have one of those! Its perfect for me! My brother
    says bet you can’t pee standing up! I always try but end up cleaning the
    bathroom for a whole week! I NEED ONE OF THOSE VERY BAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. haley papa

    My is called she went like a man

  14. Julie Ortiz

    should i give it a shake? rotfl this was hilarious also mind over matter ok
    to let the flow go omg so funny am loving it

  15. Abigail Herrera


  16. Jasmine Doe

    Have you tried the Finger method without any tools?

  17. cecile-jean nelson

    you put the tube in backwards the pointy end goes through the pee cup and
    locks with the pink ring then when you are done just push tube back up in
    funnal device put in bag for next use and its washable unlike others out
    there that you through away

  18. mallugasify

    Is it dishwasher safe?

  19. Janine Abramson

    I don’t need one of those dumb things I have a penis! I am a boy Janine is
    my moms name mine is Felix

  20. donnk

    penis > you

  21. fyreflybytes

    Aw you put the tube in wrong. I did that too the first time. It goes
    through the funnel and locks into place with the round end. :)

  22. Rebecca Smith

    Use a wide mouth jar or coffee can, and a long skirt. White Vinegar spray
    to clean.

  23. haley papa

    Chek it out

  24. Epicoaster Dragoneater

    oh my goodness I came up with the same idea a few months ago even though
    i’m a guy but i just like coming up with stuff i never have the materials
    to make them though so people usually beat me to these inventions.

  25. Crystal Boomgaart

    Thank you for the lovely video. I’ve been thinking to get one and this
    definitely convinced me :)