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Travel Tips: How to Plan a Trip!

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  1. greeeneyes91

    awesome tipps!

  2. Yongo10
  3. CokoCurly85

    Thank you!! I’m typically the organization person so this is perfect (and I
    will research things to death lol!). One thing I didn’t see you mention was
    how to get your money converted and the use of debit/credits cards for
    purchases. Anywho, perfect timing as I’m working on this Italy trip (got 2
    yrs to get this set)!! — p.s. can you a tutorial for that bun?! It’s too

  4. B. Kee

    Great video! Love all of your tips and advice

  5. TTT5

    Great video! Do you have a link to the packing info?

  6. Jessica Jay

    Excellent advice! Thanks so much! What places have you visited so far?

  7. EternalJoy

    Excellent video! My husband and I travel a lot. We went to Italy this past
    March (Venice and Rome). We used airbnb (dot) com for part of our stay and
    rented an apartment which was cheaper than a hotel. It was a great

  8. napeakor

    this was great! thanks!

  9. chikwitambition87

    Great video! I’ve been looking into international travel lately

  10. Leigh Walters

    Great advice 🙂

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    Thanks for the shout out! Can’t wait to travel with you again!!!!

  12. Sushanne S

    bad experience with booking.com

  13. MikaelaSimone

    Thanks for the tips, advice and site recommendations! Good info!

  14. NapturalSkytrini

    ON POINT ADVICE! thx a bunch!

  15. dashia rahmaan

    Great tips KG!

  16. Ce Ce The Amputee

    Thanks for this! Looking forward to going to Germany,France and Spain!

  17. East of CoilsKinksCurls

    This was a great video!!!!! Please do a mock video of what and how you
    packed for the trip you guys took. I have a major issues w/ shoes when I
    travel, so getting it all into one carry-on is a struggle.

  18. Kez B.

    this video came right on time! THANK YOU!

  19. Erica Shelby

    What tips do you have for traveling alone?

  20. The KG Lifestyle

    YES! 🙂 Love ya!

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    This was so helpful. I want to travel internationally so badly! One day!….

  22. danarae4

    This fueled my Travel OCD. Lol! Thanks.

  23. MikaelaSimone

    Can u include info about the purchase and use of foreign currency vs
    travels cheques that would be a great help. Thanks again for the info.

  24. CurlyGirlPhy

    AWESOME ADVICE! Thanks Kayla

  25. brewatch

    Don’t forget air bnb!