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Long flights can be dreadful. We show you our tips and tricks on how to survive a long flight and enjoy it!! See the blog post for more info: https://bit.ly/SurvivingLongFlights

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  1. Shireen AM

    i'm going on a over 16 hour flight so this is very helpful! Thank you!

  2. Aaron Gamer

    If u wanna sleep on a train stay awake the night before

  3. Alan LeBlanc

    That F stop bag though!! Leaving for a long trip and wasn't able to secure one time- envious. Great tips!

  4. Ana Mosley

    Super helpful. I really appreciated how it wasn't just another "what's in my carry-on" or "travel beauty essentials" video 😀 thanks guys!

  5. Sara Al sheddi

    Tomorrow at 2am I'm going to a 6 hour flight???? but thx for the tips they're really helpful!

  6. TheFatCat

    Am i the only one who doesen't have the balls to step on a plane?

  7. Android Tutorials

    I always watch these types of videos before I travel but I've been on like 10 planes already

  8. Edson D. Rojas

    extra points for Bukowski on the kindle! :)

  9. Karolien Lieve

    I think we go to the same airport!

  10. Rutuja Arali

    high carb foods are high in insulin??!! lol !

  11. Diệu Minh Đặng

    i read somewhere that taking your shoes off makes the feet swollen cause the pressure inside the plane :/

  12. boi _itz_vanessa •_•

    Thanks this will defiantly help me.

  13. Joseph Olivieri

    Extremely helpful, flying for the first time on Monday! :)

  14. Nomadic Unicorn

    Great video guys! Totally agree with everything you have said here :)

  15. García

    Thanks for the tips!

  16. Gamer HypeSpike

    My tip is 16 hours, hopefully I surrvive

  17. Gmngvlogs &MORE

    I always enjoy long flights. All i care is view. Even if i dont have view i always enjoy a flight ether its 2 hr or 10 hr. I fly often.

  18. Eden Zak

    Eye drops are a must for me. The air in the planes irritate my eyes after a while so I make sure I always have eye drops with me. Also for ladies, don't bother with make up, wear a good moisturizer and just clean your face at the end of your flight (or in the airport when you land) and apply make up then if you need it. I also usually have a pair of flipflops or slippers. After taking your shoes off, you won't want to put them back again to go to the bathroom. Some airlines will provide you with a pair.

  19. Riley Park

    Wow! You guys went on Unites 737-800 March of Dimes!