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  1. Fee mayne

    You look like Hillary duff!

  2. Rebecca L

    Fun tips! I don’t agree much with keeping “in touch” via Social Media; that
    creates hazards of its own, but keeping in touch consistently with close
    family and friends via text or phone calls is important.

  3. Христо Георгиев

    Well if you can’t find a good company for travel, it is better to travel
    I allways prefer to wait for the right person.

  4. ScottKinmartinTV

    Great tips! I saw that you commented on our latest +Let Your Google Hang Out episode.
    Let me know if you’re interested in joining a future Wednesday evening
    show! Twitter: @ScottKinmartin

  5. enigmath

    you know my first trip by myself was london, at 17 (i’m from argentina). i
    wasn’t scared at all, i mean, coming from south america, london is
    paradise. i’m used to figuring people out or taking care of my stuff, so i
    guess that’s helpful. i travelled solo again last year to texas and had
    suuchhh a blast. travelling alone is the best!
    love your vids!

  6. Paul Davis

    Just to prepare you for your solo travel, make sure you have a back-up
    contact person in your new destination. Better safe than sorry.

  7. Taka Selepanishvili

    cool one, thanks for recommendations 

  8. Pause The Moment

    Great tips +Kristen Sarah. Trusting your instincts is such a great one. If
    something doesn’t seem right, it probably isn’t.

    2:41 – You should have worn a giant sombrero and said “Table for Juan,

  9. Evan and Rachel in Korea

    Man I miss solo travel, now that I’ve been married for a year and a half.
    😉 hehe great advice. 

  10. JR_TheBeast

    great guest on let your google hang out


    Awesome video! 🙂 I’ll travel alone the first time in summer and I’ve
    watched all your Videos. I still missed a something – could you tell tips
    for valuables in the next video? I still don’t know what to do with these
    during bathroomtime and sleeping. I am going to prague and krakow and I’ve
    booked a bed in a 8-bed-room so 7 other strangers 🙁

    Sorry for my english, I’m from germany 🙂 and I love your channel! ♡

  12. Samantha Weldon

    I want to travel alone but I am worried about ending up in bad areas (I
    have traveled alone before and this has happened to me). I’ve been thinking
    about using travel groups/tours. Still by myself, but joining other
    tourists and the company is the one who plans everything and gets you
    places. What do you think about these?

  13. WonderDean

    Would have been nice to experience that 40+ years ago however it’s nice to
    live it through you. Have fun in your journey.

  14. HTGlobe

    Afraid to travel alone? Let me help you face that fear and prepare for your
    solo adventure.

  15. Tyler Borbon

    omg your eyes are so pretty!

  16. micke andersson

    How old are you :)?

  17. CarryOnInes

    I’m 12 and I traveled from London to La a week ago as an unnacompanied
    minor (by myself). I also did the same when I was 8 and return!!

  18. lucy taylor

    Female that travelled solo for 6 weeks. It was scary but it’s so suprising
    how in a matter of days you’re so used to it. It was the best thing I ever
    did, but by the end of it I was feeling pretty lonely and down so I was
    glad to get home.

  19. Rowie Knox

    How about doing couch surfing as a solo traveller? Great tips by the way. I
    love your videos, they have been a huge inspiration to me. 

  20. It'sJessay17

    Thank you so much!! I’m planning on going to Mexico alone this summer. This
    really helped me to figure out what I should do. Thank you! :)

  21. Sam Alex

    Love u and love ur tips 

  22. Trailblazer's Travels

    Can you do a video on round the world trips and how to survive them

  23. Reagan Dillard

    whats the point of taking a defense class if you are not going to use it?

  24. Just wanna see the world

    Hi Kristin great video! So inspired to go travelling solo! Just wondering
    what age groups you tend to see stayin in hostels, backpacking the world?

  25. Lia Flanagan

    what is jet lag