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Travel Tips: How to Use the Asian Squat Toilet

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  1. Hidy Ho

    So, I experienced this while traveling once and I was mortified. MORTIFIED
    such that I just held it for hours! Stupid question, but what do I do with
    my pants?! Am I to pull them down and off? One leg?! I was just so stunned
    I didn’t know what to do. Oh the misery! lol I held it until we got back to
    the hotel! We are so spoiled here in America. We should be thanking God for
    our toilets everyday!!!!

  2. thelongslowgoodbye

    The question in the back of every westerner’s mind: “What if I miss?”

  3. BrooklyntoBrixton

    Why would you wear flip flops in there?!

  4. Li Wang

    Opps!! what i want to say is that squat on a pedestal toilet is too

  5. Shawn Eaton

    Interesting, I’ll probably be traveling overseas at different points in my
    life for Mountain Climbing, Africa, Tibet,China,India and Russia.. makes me
    shudder thinking of what everyone uses compared to the US…

  6. Sandra Harnett

    This is giving me a panic attack. I have a honeymoon in Thailand in two
    months, and I’m only just finding out now about this… this…
    MONSTROSITY. *shudders*

  7. Ed Agent

    Informative video, Christine! Glad you don’t judge, even though squats
    aren’t your cultural background.

  8. Story Killers

    Whoa! Hold me. I’m sheltered.

  9. Paulo Rens

    Its so bad.another variant

  10. Minority Nomad

    RT Christine Kaaloa: Travel Tips: How to Use the Asian Squat Toilet:
    https://buff.ly/1xV79ik #travel #traveltips ahhh to be a guy. sorry ladies

  11. Getlostinasia.com | Where to travel in Asia

    Travel Tips: How to Use the Asian Squat Toilet https://bit.ly/1tddk2l
    #traveltips #toiletsquat

  12. rambo4war

    Yucks… unsanitary… 

  13. serbetli100

    You often find a squat toilet in cafes in Paris, and most of those are
    labeled “American Standard”. It’s strange you dumb yankee claiming it ugly.

  14. Red Dragon Diaries

    Oh my. 

  15. Christine Kaaloa

    Initially I was scared of the #squat #toilet but after time, it’s gotten to
    be one of my favorite types of toilets out there.

    Here’s part 1 of toilet tips! Any questions, ask ’em!

    Also, if you’re interested in some my “Worlds Worst Toilets” experiences in
    travel, click here:

  16. Minefordiamond S


  17. Alex Berger

    Good video. I hate those things. As a tall guy who is anything but
    flexible, my tendons are actually so tight that I can’t squat flat footed
    and end up cramping up if I’m in that position for too long. I loath them.
    Good walk through though! 

  18. Living in Korea for Expats (LiKE)

    I actually heard somewhere that we evolved to go number 2 in that position,
    so the squat position is actually better for us and makes us go easier. I
    don’t remember where I read that, but it makes sense. And they also said
    that the sit-down toilet (is that what it’s called?) makes it harder for us
    to go and can actually cause problems. They go on to say doctors recommend
    that we lean forward when we go.

    Don’t know how accurate my information is, but it kind of makes sense. The
    only problem is that my knees hurt and legs go numb if I use those for an
    extended period of time.. and cleaning up feels a bit awkward, too.

    Nice video! I’ve never seen one that is self-recorded shot so well. Nice
    job! Can I ask what you shot it on?

  19. Steve Miller

    You know, I’ve never heard them called “Asian” before. Just squats.

  20. man die


  21. metromanila2011

    The problem for westerners is that it’s hard for us to sit like that. We
    collapse backwards in that pose. Try it.

  22. Evan and Rachel in Korea

    When I lived in Morocco foreigners called them the “turkish toilet”!
    I feel like you’re not a youtuber in Asia unless you have one of these
    videos though. haha I made mine recently! 😛 -R

  23. Ninja Teacher

    A three part series! LOL 🙂 Helpful for the uninitiated for sure

  24. GRRRL TRAVELER | Christine Kaaloa

    Surprise! I love to record my World’s Worst #Toilets when I travel. Here’s
    part one to my #travel toilet homage.

  25. Living in Korea for Expats (LiKE)

    Also, this video makes me miss Thailand!