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Travel Tips: Is Amsterdam’s Pot Party Over?

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  1. striker161

    Who the hell “parties” on marijuana. It’s not a party drug by any means. If
    anything, it makes people way more docile.

    If the government is worried about tourists partying “too hard” (whatever
    that means), wouldn’t it be a better idea to ban alcohol and ecstasy (the
    PARTY drugs)?

  2. cindybin2001

    Wow, I would be FUMING if I ever passed one of those places where they sell
    marijuana! I’d want to go in there and lecture everybody about why we
    shouldn’t smoke pot, about how people need to grow up and set an example,

  3. Casey Vee

    I said “Anne Frank.”

  4. christopher

    You can still smoke in Amsterdam as I just returned May 2014. Still
    tolerant of the tourist. Don’t act a jackass or a typical American. Be
    cool and they’ll be cool. Bring your cash as it is crazy expensive. 

  5. niklas hansen

    Otherwise it sound good with the paintings and stuff, but the drugheads
    kind of shit.

  6. Joel Aguilar

    +soniastravels Did you ever smoke in Amsterdam? Not cigs.

  7. niklas hansen

    Caps eligal inside? But not marijunnablehshittyshit? That’s… Pretty
    retarded, my guess would be with the cap, just being special so people
    check out city, and the miriju… -shit? Is obvious because all humanity is
    narcomaniacs and just wanna “get high”, how freaking stupid, some people
    need to go burry themselves alive…

  8. Juan Francisco Pereira Rivero

    this chick is sexy

  9. lazarolitoral

    4:20 is my eggs!

  10. PyroCeram

    I lost it when I saw the thumbnail. Thanks for that.

  11. AfflatusProductions

    of course sonia smokes marijuana in Amsterdam … I’m sure she smokes it in
    all 50 states as well

  12. anonymous69

    Doesn’t matter if they make weed illegal. I know enough people who grow the
    stuff themselves. Trololol.

  13. soniastravels


  14. VaporizerBrothers

    they should just ban non organic weed…

  15. LuKaS2oo9

    I wanna marry you

  16. Koos van de Merbel

    The dutch govnerment is stupid: 1) It will make the black market larger 2)
    It will cost money, instead of making money (tourism, taxes)

  17. soniastravels

    🙂 Would love to know how it goes..

  18. Nite697

    Quick! Get the car! We’re going to Amsterdam!

  19. Eric Stevens

    Sonia, you look like you get smoked out every once in a while.

  20. Egor Mutik

    i just go 1 week ago to Amsterdam.. and thats no problem to get everywhere

  21. LucidlyJackie

    First thing: if a drug is legal in one country, it doesn’t count as
    ‘illicit,’ so that’s gone down the toilet, anyways. Secondly, I would love
    to see where you’re getting your information from. Most of the people I
    know have never touched drugs, much less taken any. She made this video
    about a ‘stereotype’ of the people in the Netherlands- almost nobody
    actually goes there. Most people who use drugs a lot don’t have enough
    money to travel anywhere.

  22. EmmaKakes

    Hi Sonia, I’m from the Netherlands and I’m against the new law because I
    also think the black market will get bigger. I hope somehow the law isn’t
    coming through (i’m sorry for my bad english)

  23. sasitharan thambirajah

    good action and smile too

  24. TommyCycles

    Americans who go to Amsterdam “for the weed” are just your stereotypical,
    annoying, testosterone-fueled, Wiz Khalifa worshipping, meatheads. It’s
    VERY unfortunate that they exist but there’s really nothing you can do
    about it; and in the process of trying to exclude a certain demographic,
    chances are you’re also going to affect everyone else who had nothing to do
    with the nuisance in the first place.

  25. Katie Haddad

    1:59 meow!