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Travel Tips : List of Top Things to See in London

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  1. Early Bird Reply


  2. ioiojumpera Reply

    I love London.. It’s a fabolous city… I’ll go there again…

  3. AY?! Reply

    That pub definitely didn’t look child friendly

  4. laurenmariepena Reply


  5. qdog568 Reply

    What’s better to get a Travelcard or an Oystercard. I was in London last
    summer for a week and had a 7 day Travelcard. I’ll be there this coming
    summer for 2 weeks. What should I get for 2 weeks?

  6. Kat Wycoco Reply

    This is helpful. Thanks!

  7. hsiturbines Reply

    thanks for the info.

  8. Wezzipooh Reply

    I hope that the new “bendy-bus” will become an attraction in the future!

  9. ulothmacmillan Reply


  10. Carrie Oliver Reply

    What do you mean their arnt many double decker busses left?? I get 4 a day,
    they come every 5 minutes!

  11. Maria Rigollot Reply


  12. MrGoblin60 Reply

    “…big ‘ol red bus””….love the accent! Thanks for the good tips.

  13. Paul B Reply

    double decker buses are ALL OVER LONDON !!!! and changing of the guards on
    sat and sundays too, at 11 am, 10 on sunday

  14. paynechristopher29 Reply

    fantastic video, I would love to see more! Take Care

  15. emma5977 Reply

    Important stuff for a vist here: Get an Oyster card for travelling on the
    bus or the tube. even if it’s just one day you’re here. They’ve decided
    they don’t like cas/single tickets. Don’t get upset if you ask a newspaper
    seller directions and he gets rude (He gets it 100 times a day). Dont be
    upset if people seem a bit reserved. If you’re in trouble, people will want
    to help you – and they will.And don’t let people rip you off. there’s load
    of plces to see for free

  16. oceangust Reply

    I bet people in london hate this woman…

  17. padcat94 Reply

    LIES there are loads of double-decker busses. london’s overrun with them.
    now if she meens the “london bus” then no, they’re all gone!

  18. bebswrvoc Reply

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