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Travel Tips: Lost Luggage Help

Sonia Gil shares her travel tips for how to handle lost luggage. If you’re traveling this holiday season, hope for the best but let Sonia help you prepare for the worst.
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  1. Theresa Connor Reply

    We have to check luggage for our upcoming flight; should we put tsa approved locks on our suitcases?

  2. Mostafa Shakal Reply

    Ask for an overnight kit if u r not going home basically this is a kit with tooth brush cotton tshirt etc in which the airlines sometimes provide but not automatically .

    Also compensation if late for more than a day i guess when u r not home. : )

  3. Chel Chan Reply

    Actually where are you from??? Did you make video in China?

  4. ChatOmbre Reply

    Would you please do a video on language learning while abroad? Thank you!

  5. Emanuela Alii Reply

    Is she married

  6. missmayflower Reply

    Cute dog.  Helpful advice, but you won't need it if you just take carryon.

  7. BriannasPlanet Reply

    One time me and my family's luggage got lost in mexico for 4 DAYS! It was terrible and when I found it I was so relieved. But we also got 800 dollars for 'lost' stuff and a free airplane trip as an apology so that was pretty nice. 

  8. Mohamed Salah Reply


  9. Francesca Farah Reply

    Great tips Sonia, really helps people!!! 🙂

  10. Anthony McMahon Reply

    A Magor breakthrough for slow learners on utube at mental training & improving life skills.

  11. David Barunz Reply

    Hi sonia!! Lost luggage! There is even a tv program where people buy it.

  12. jazevox Reply

    Im entertain by your DOG's CUTENESS too, adorable!

  13. soniastravels Reply

    That also works 🙂

  14. Mateja Maric Reply

    Or just take a picture of your luggage

  15. joyzee rivera Reply

    Thank you so much

  16. caro lina Reply

    Once we were in LAX and while we were in migration line we saw our luggage cuz they really stand out, but when we came out they disappeared so we asked the airport personnel and he said no you were probably mistaken, go file a report but mom wouldn't take that so she searched for the bags and a woman was taking them away, and because they didn't check her luggage ticket she almost got away but mom made a big fuss and we got them back

  17. Tyra Grace Reply

    @ijustine brought me here

  18. candygirl14ish Reply

    i was jst thinking abt dat… coz dats wt i always do,, take a pic

  19. soniastravels Reply

    That's a great tip!

  20. Augusto Santos Reply

    you know, what i always do when traveling is take pictures of my bag @soniatravels this helps A LOT

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