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Travel Tips: Makeup Secrets Exposed

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  1. Victoria4523 Reply

    For lighter coverage I really like Rimmel BB Cream. I wouldn’t recommend it
    for oily skin, but it’s great if you have dry skin, plus it’s SPF 25. The
    only downside for me is that I have to have a bit of a tan in order for the
    lightest shade to match.


    coming from a beauty channel, this is definitely minimal makeup creating
    the “no makeup” look!

  3. Samburger13 Reply

    you look like gal gadot 

  4. OneFlorida Hippie Reply

    Love your make up routine, very similar to mine. Minimal. I always have
    room in my TSA clear bag because I just don’t load up with all these
    different products. But I think we have an advantage, my skin tone is
    similar to yours, and also the dark hair and eyes. And I recently found a
    powder foundation that I just love for coverage and keeping the oil at bay,
    so my clear bag just got lighter.

  5. Darlene Becker Reply

    This has been my all time favorite episode! 

  6. Astrid Kramer Reply

    Shiseido waterproof liquid foundation is my favorite for travelling: It’s
    in a small, light, sturdy container, is water/sweat/transferproof, gives
    great coverage but looks and feels very natural cause it’s almost as thin
    as water and has an spf of 30.

    The one in the greenish plastic bottle.

  7. Böhmische Art! Reply

    I love this, because it’s like a community youtube channel… I’ve spent
    almost 20 min just reading and taking notes of some comments about
    different makeup brands (and more for allergic people, like me). I hope
    someday I’ll find some of that amazing makeup brands here…

  8. moongoddess666 Reply

    Natural Beauty! You don’t need make up! 🙂 Have a great weekend Sonia :)

  9. lady12480 Reply

    I’ve never heard of powdered sunblock! Genius

  10. Bua Schmidy Reply

    Ha! I use Stila and Clinique concealer as well. I agree with you that these
    two stays on all day. :)

  11. Eli G Reply

    very practical and simple. I like your style ;)

  12. Fshnfrdm Reply

    I always use concealer and I only use foundation for special events 🙂 you
    don’t need any tips, you always look flawless! i love your videos, sonia!
    I’ve been hooked on them, they’re helping me plan my study abroad trip to
    paris this summer! thank you thank you and keep coming up with the great
    tips! do you have any recommendations on what to wear on the plane and some
    outfit ideas for exploring the city? i’d like to blend in ;)

  13. Parisienne At Heart Reply

    can you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do a video on the best purse to take along?
    Rick Steves has the ugliest purse and so do some other travel sites, but I
    wanted your opinion. Should it be cross-body, shoulder bag? What color
    should it be so it doesn’t attract unwanted attention?

  14. Jarrod Clark Reply

    I love to motivate, encourage and provide inspiration. Check out my
    motivational videos for inspiration. Please Subscribe!!! :)

  15. Mary monkle Reply

    Hi Sonia I dont really wear makeup yet but u can put on concealer instead
    of foundation if u want it helps a little more btw i love you soo much and
    so does my mom. My mom likes to look natural while wearing makeup and we
    both love ur style and videos. Plus I adore traveling so this channel is
    totes for me!! ilysm<3 

  16. hypsens88 Reply

    I was surprised to find that the Vaseline’s red tint comes from red 40 dye.

  17. Elaine Pang Reply

    You have wonderful videos! I always enjoy them. You should try blotting
    papers to freshen up and absorb the oil before u re-apply ur
    powder/sunblock, works wonders!!!

  18. nomnompixel Reply

    The cheek and lip tints by Benefit are great! you can save space in your
    bag by using products like this one that multitask. For me, multitasking
    makeup products is key when travelling :D

  19. eggandwhite Reply

    Highly recommend Make Up For Ever Velvet+ Foundation! Coverage is good and
    no more oily skin! 😀 

  20. Iva S Reply

    Refreshing to see such a small yet grand make up stash:) love your videos!

  21. Kate O'Riordan Reply

    Hi Sonia I’m planning a two trip travelling across Spain and u are really
    inspirational and your tips are very useful and helpful thank you xx

  22. Scarleth Herrera Reply

    Thank you so much for doing my requested video I loved it!!! So practical
    !! I do too have oily skin I use this

  23. Ashleigh Mote Reply

    If you travel to the UK you should try sleek blushers, they’re really
    compact and they’re super pigmented, they’re great! 

  24. Nora Guadarrama Reply

    finally!!!!! thank you, thank you!! i´ve always wanted to know :)

  25. Erin S. Reply

    You have made me very interested in that mascara!! 

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