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Travel Tips on Warsaw

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  1. danielgo2

    is difficult to understand what are you saying. Slower please. Warsaw is
    beautiful, you´re right sihi.

  2. Austen Jenius

    This is like a speedwalking tutorial.

  3. bartwb1

    Michal jestes do dupy. Jestes tak do dupy, ze chyba gorzej nie moglo byc.
    Dlaczego w Polsce daje sie szanse takim ludziom jak Michal ? Dlatego ze
    ustawiony kolega taty jak nie sam tata prace zalatwil.

  4. bartwb1

    Sorry wielkie Michal, ale to jest sad bad true.

  5. H Kloss

    do yourself and others a favour and sloooooow doooown, please

  6. theAshleygirl12

    ty glupi chuj

  7. ricardobrusd

    What I thought when the video started: “Shit, the guy is speaking polish.
    Wait… It is english ! very, very fast english.”

  8. bartwb1

    Michal have u ever considered jumping from the roof of the Hotel u are
    working for ?

  9. bartwb1

    P.S Do Michala pasowal by komentarz z psow. Skad wyscie go kurwa wzieli ?
    Plynal rynsztokiem?

  10. podkowa

    sorry man but your english is terrible.. ”royal route” rojal raut, wtf? I
    thought IC had a better staff than that, they’ve could put a cleaning woman
    and she would have made a better impression that Michal…zalosne

  11. Андрей Евдокимов


  12. sihi

    Warsaw is beautiful!!

  13. spoko1977

    kto mu powiedzial ,ze mowi po angielsku