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TRAVEL TIPS: Pack for Weeks in a Carry On

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  1. Daniel Pearson

    Kristen Sarah I sorry but I have a major complaint.and it is to your site
    as well as all the packing video for carry on luggage. I am a man 6 ft
    tall and 195 # and pack to a minimum and lighter weight cloths which do
    not last long and I am not able to get down to international carry on of
    15-18 lbs but 30 lbs. You pack for women that are smaller and light
    clothing. and I do not like check baggage. You have good information and
    videos but oriented to women. I have ask many sites and forums and am told
    just check it. I have a light weight hiking boots but they are just 2.3
    #. My shoes are the same. Thanks

  2. Jade Maravilla

    Wait, where do I get a ferret?

  3. jenny pop

    Bug-spray does not seem so necesery to pack since you will find bug-spray
    inside the contry and if not then there are so few bugs that the natives
    don’t give an F

  4. shanira99

    Could you do a video about a good backpack?

  5. Izzy InMiami

    +Dee Morales Doorstop

  6. FreyaGoesTravelling

    Love your videos! Really inspired me to get out there and see the world and
    even try to start my own series of travel vlogs! Have a look at my channel

  7. Ania D

    Diva cups seem so gross to me :/ Is it possible to travel the world with
    pads lol?

  8. Paul Nixon

    Neti pots are only for sterile water. Otherwise microbes etc can thrive in
    the body. 

  9. Linn Strömqvist

    How did you get away with the pocket knife? Did you have it in your luggage
    or on you? And what brand is your water filter? Thank you for answers! :)

  10. isaac macdonald

    how do you carry on a pocket knife?

  11. TovarichSputnik

    Ferret! he he he …

  12. Aeqetheq RHewr

    i was wondering what/when you use toe shoes for? i think i might get some
    but not really sure about it, thanks!

  13. Little Birdy

    Yes! I’m so glad I’m not the only one who brings toe shoes traveling!

  14. Claire Allured

    Hi Kristen, loving you videos. I’ve been slow traveling over the past 4
    years and I still haven’t got it figured out yet. I’m working in Vietnam
    right now and bursting with excitement as I’m leaving in 5 weeks for more
    adventure. But I suck at traveling light!! Seriously, I currently own an
    exercise bike! Sure it fits on the back of a motorbike but come on.
    Thanks for all the useful tips, I really enjoying your lively videos, it
    must be such fun!!


  15. ridernumbersix

    What kind of sleeping bad is that?

  16. Jeff Young

    wonderful way to share the simplicities of travel

  17. Paul Nixon

    Be careful with neti pots!

  18. Monograph

    finally a video to show my hubby that i can still pack my make up!! Kudos
    Kristen Sarah. 🙂

  19. timgoat556

    great video but what size ferret do they allow these days?

  20. YaraHelloAlice

    wear one and wash the other one in the hotel sink

  21. shadesoflife

    What kind of carry on would you recommend? Or any brands?

  22. HTGlobe

    Extra small 😉

  23. film2240

    I know that in the UK and possibly the rest of EU,it’ll get taken off you
    if it shows in a scanner.

  24. deradero8

    love this video! xD omygawd thanks kristen u make me easier to prepare for
    the travel 🙂

  25. henryyjr11

    Kristen I saw all ur videos ! it helped me a lot ! now i am more confident
    for my solo RTW trip ! u are soooooo beautiful !!!!!!