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Travel Tips & Packing a Carry On!

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  1. Erin Wronko

    New Jersey

  2. Maya Camilleri Sacco

    Malta is one of the places which is strict about liquids.

  3. Joanna Jojy

    not only have one carry on you can have more carry on In new York

  4. Joanna Jojy

    I think in my state in new York

  5. isabella mcdonald

    i just got my ear pierced and i can't remove the jewellery for 3 months, do i have to remove it??

  6. chas dave

    hi xteener, so the lipstick charger is ok in the carry on for tsa screening?

  7. Jasmine Upachantho

    I couldn't agree more on the usefulness of the durable case for valuables such as glasses and fragile jewellery! Thank you so much for the tips great video!

    Also, please check out my quick, fun and easy travel video :D

  8. Bianca2141761

    For once, someone who knows the difference between a carry on an a personal item.

  9. Beckstrom sisters

    A tip I found is helpful is that rolling out fits together makes it much easier to start your day on vacation because you can just grab that outfit in the morning

  10. Jasmine Emma

    I'm going to Florida in2 days

  11. My Lien Le

    Are you Vietnamese ?:D

  12. AlfieBurch

    Going home tomorrow. So sad :(

  13. Katie H

    Going on a choir trip and school trip this year, so I've been reading up! Great video.

  14. Miranda Farmer

    I am going on a cruise to the Bahamas in March so hype ????????????????????

  15. SarangChu

    I'm going to Cambodia ❤️

  16. Ayaa Madjid

    What is your favourite book to read

  17. Carli Robinson

    Do you have a link for the quart size toiletry bag?

  18. unknown

    Where can buy you iPhone case

  19. blastinqfireworks

    does anyone know if O'Hare airport in Chicago is strict?

  20. Potatohead5000

    I cant wait! I leave for Hawaii tomorrow