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Travel Tips: Preparing for a trip

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  2. Bianka Gonzalez

    your dogs r soooo cute!

  3. MrsModernHousewife

    Thanks, I’m so glad to be back! All my organzation videos will now be on my
    other channel, mscosmochic and I’ll just do vlogs on this channel.

  4. carol18green

    Great video Ashley. You are sooooo organized. Enjoy your trip x

  5. jade mark

    i don’t have these things at ALL!.

  6. MrsModernHousewife

    I’ve decided being organized is all about finding the system that works
    best for you.As long as it works for you that is all that matters. Check
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  7. uglybobswife

    Great packing video Ashley…love the little fashion show – your so sweet
    ;o) ….have a wonderful trip …. I have a notebook that i have specific
    lists for different trips ( Camping, Weekend away with our pup and one
    without ,List for Max for dog sitter, Disneyland trip list ( we try to go
    ever other year) General Make up Bag , General List for Carry on) I take
    the notebook with me if it’s a new list so if i have found i miss something
    or had to purchase something i can add it to the list

  8. preservid

    Are you making any more videos? Hope all is fine, What day is your wedding?

  9. Socutegirl99

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  10. Libby Withnall

    Love the idea of a carry on box for prepacking. I enjoyed this video. Hope
    you’ll be back again one day. I subbed just in case.