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Travel Tips: Tea Time – Afternoon Tea Or High Tea?

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  1. Jasmine Zhang Reply

    You should try english breakfast tea

  2. arrowpt28 Reply

    since you are a native coffee drinker, my recommendation to you is to go
    BOLD. I was born in England but I much prefer Bewleys Irish breakfast tea
    to the whimpy English tea. Lets face it those Irish people need something
    to sustain body warmth.
    Good luck

  3. Mbeck621 Reply

    Green tea is always easy and is great hot or cold but chai tea latte when
    it’s cold out is such a yummy treat 🙂 tea is awesome you’ll love it I’m

  4. yudeny Fernandez Reply

    Make more of this videos yeeeeee

  5. jezzbitten Reply

    Chai tea is sooo good

  6. xue zhu yu Reply

    twinnings tea… for me.. :)

  7. DorkyPaperbag Reply

    you could try some sort of berry they taste light and sweet, green tea
    would be good too it has many health benefits. My personal favourite is
    camomile tea it taste a little peppery though.

  8. Felicia Soebagiyo Reply

    from what i read why they call it a high tea is because they use a higher
    table than a normal or used to be normal tea table..

  9. Nicola Farnworth Reply

    Yorkshire tea. Absolute favourite. I hope you have it in the states, moving
    there for 12 months. X

  10. Fadi Hudhud Reply

    My professor use to tell me that the difference between an amateur and a
    professional is that as an amateur one is at liberty to study only those
    things one likes, but as a professional one must also study what one
    doesn’t like. I highly value those who allow themselves to indulge into
    experiences they might not feel initially comfortable with or points of
    view that do not match theirs.

  11. luisa torn Reply

    I respect your opinion- Don’t drink tea if you don’t want to. Personally,
    I’m a coffee drinker and I would LOVE to go to London just to have a
    wonderful English tea with scones. Hey, we’re all entitled to an opinion. I
    think Sonia’s channel is informative, light and fun. Keep it up Sonia!

  12. Michelle N Reply

    Chai tea

  13. Alicia García Reply

    I love tea, in Spain we have some awesome tea stores where they sell the
    best types of teas and they can help you to choose a soft one, more minty,
    more fruity, whatever you feel attracted for. I imagine that you will find
    this kind of store in any country and that can be useful for starters in
    the tea-world. My personal suggestion is to try green mint tea, but not the
    one in individual bags, it is so much better the natural one, you will
    notice a difference in smell and also in the flavor

  14. daniela zalzman Reply

    I’m definetely NOT a tea fan but nothing can beat a couple of basil leaves
    on hot water + half a teaspoon of sugar. That’s it!. It’s the perfect end
    for any meal!. Not sure if it’s a brittish fashion or something they would
    appreciate but it’s a nice way to go to start. I just discovered your
    travels and vlogs and they’re great!!! Really hope you win at the webbys!
    go Vzla, go!

  15. Sonechka2 Reply

    It is really hard to suggest a specific tea. What I would suggest is going
    to a proper tea shop, the one where tea is held loose in bins and sold by
    weight… I’m sure there must be one where you live or in the chinatown
    part of the city. Just sniff on all the teas untill you find something you
    like and try it out. P.S. really enjoying your videos. Thank you so much
    for your work doing them. Though I only found your channel yesterday, I’m
    systematically whatching through all your videos.

  16. soniastravels Reply

    Thanks for your suggestions! Curiously, I’ve started my transition to tea
    with Twinnings! I think you’re right, it’s a good way to start!

  17. EleKroniQ Reply

    orange pekoe!

  18. Unanimous97 Reply

    peppermint tea.

  19. Romelyn Diaz Reply

    a mild green tea

  20. Margaux Godron Reply

    All you can eat sandwich, scones, cakes and patisserie. The decor is simply
    amazing! Otherwise the berkeley is disappointing you simply pay to have a
    cake in the shape of a Louboutin shoe.

  21. Lily Labyrinth Reply

    Ps. teatime doesn’t necessarily involve ‘tea’ the drink.

  22. Romelyn Diaz Reply

    I like Yamamotoyama Green Tea. You should try the Matcha Green Tea Latte’s
    at Starbucks as well, so yummy. Matcha has a stronger flavor – so if you
    don’t like green tea then, I don’t know if you will go crazy over it, but
    dosen’t hurt to try 🙂

  23. Kayla Griffith Reply

    I recommend Twinings or Tazo teas. They both have great flavors. Also, and
    I can only really speak for myself, tea tastes much better if you add in
    some honey or sugar, so try that too! It becomes much more enjoyable! Hope
    this helped in the slightest.

  24. SuperLizardBean Reply

    lol I’m English and no has “High Tea” I’ve never heard of it. people eat
    fish’n’chips with beer or a coke 😛

  25. Catriona O Reply

    I love tea!! My mom made me drink green tea once when I was sick which I
    hated ( I didnt like normal tea much then either) but when I was better I
    still wanted a warm drink so I drank normal Barrys (The best!) tea and I
    loved it. In Ireland I have never heard anyone say high tea or afternoon
    tea just tea breaks which occur very often. There is one main rule though
    you must offer tea to any visitors and insist that they have some and if
    they decline then make some anyway.

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