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Travel Tips: Top 5 Tips for Visiting Walt Disney World Resort

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  1. Manuel Becerra Reply

    Where do you get all that money to trave???l are you Rich??? For the love
    of Christ answer already

  2. Sam Mathew Reply


  3. Jones Family Travels Reply

    Great video!

  4. Melanie Silva Reply

    These videos came right on time for horror nights! 

  5. Div Walia Reply

    First like and comment an view! Love you Sonia!

  6. Old Farm Show Reply
  7. Adeel Anwar Reply

    1st commet great video btw

  8. betsythomas2012 Reply

    ugh, enough of the Disney commercials!

  9. ofallsadwords Reply

    I love most of your vids, but this Disney stuff is super simplistic and
    useless as anything more than a starting place. People need to read a
    decent guidebook. Josh from EasyWDW wrote one of the best. His website is
    also the best. 

  10. Rickina Carmel Reply

    Girl that hat 

  11. N Hernandez Reply

    Great info. Gracias Sonia

  12. Atheer Abu-saleh Reply

    Hello Sonia! I’m glad that you are having such a good time I’m Disney 😀 me
    and my fiance are planning for our honeymoon and we are arguing over and
    over regarding the baggage , I say carry on and she says cargo 🙁 can you
    help me talking in women language to convince her, I learned a lot from you
    and that’s why I like carry on so much!

  13. keeyatch Reply

    Does this work on any Walt Disney park anywhere in the world?

  14. C.i.n.d.y. Reply

    Great tips, Sonia! I visit Walt Disney World often, and I love learning new
    tips. :-D… Btw, What brand is your packable rain jacket?

  15. Joseph2103 Reply

    Nice raincoat

  16. OnTheGoWithCarson Reply

    I love Disney World! All these tips are very useful. 

  17. jacquesmc12 Reply

    Can you do some tips on visiting Universal Orlando? Especially The
    Wizarding world of Harry Potter. 

  18. LilyPad Creations Reply

    Eu amo seus videos, Sonia! My name’s Lilian, I’m from Brazil and I just
    discovered your channel. I’ve watched tooons of them cuz I love traveling
    XD When you come to Brazil again please come to my city, Belo Horizonte!
    It’s not in the coast, but it has beautiful mountains all over it and I’m
    sure you’re gonna love it! Keep doing your awesome videos!

  19. topgun2469 Reply

    What watch are you wearing?

  20. AnaLiaAvila Reply

    Hi! I’m Brazilian and I just love your travel tips!

  21. bumrusherer1985 Reply

    Oh no..the jorts 

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