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  1. team m&m Reply

    I loved this video!!! There were quite a few things that I never thought about and found super helpful. I would love it if you did a video on buying airline tickets. Like tips on getting a great deal and when to buy them etc.

  2. Jenna Ballew Reply

    You should do a video of your top ten or twenty favorite apps on your phone! I just noticed you had so many apps!

  3. Emily Merrill Reply

    i always keep my liquids in a clear gallon bag in case the pressure on the flight makes them explode or pop open and leak everywhere

  4. Danielle Mowatt Reply

    I'm traveling alone for the first time (and the first time in like ten years) in early august. I loved this video and found it really helpful. I'd love it if you could make more videos like this. Especially since we're both from the Chicago area, your tips are super helpful

  5. Nicole Furtado Reply

    Please do some travelling videos !! I love them

  6. Sarath Kumar Reply

    nice booty
    and nice boobies

  7. Vihisha Tak'Nai Reply

    Lotsa' fab tips..thx 4 that! =)

  8. A Sid Reply

    Do you fit in the plane seat?

  9. Emmers1983 Reply

    Great tips! Thank you!

  10. Gabby Stone Reply

    Can you do a video about getting a job while having social anxiety? It would help so much. I'm 17 and my parents do not help much with the whole job thing..I'm having alot of trouble with it.

  11. D Brown Reply

    Sarah, I'm here.

  12. Lyla Xo Reply

    suggestion: it would be nice if you could upload once every 2 weeks even, instead of erratically, because its disheartening to keep checking if you've uploaded and you haven't.

  13. Mindy Hartigan Reply

    All the dresses looked super cute on you! Also loooooved the clip in of you with all the jewelry. Great video!

  14. iri2be Reply

    I love how you encouraged people not to get mad at the airline employees. So often it's the people who have the least control (and earn the least money!) who have to endure the frustrations caused by people above them. Why be mean? Love travel vids. Hope you have an awesome fourth of July.

  15. Tresita Pinfen Reply

    Where did you get the pink heels @6:58 from?

  16. Loving Life Reply

    Great video.. Some really great tips I had no clue about! Thanks! :)

  17. April Alvarado Reply

    this was an excellent video! question : I just purchased a plan ticket for August 31st and I was able to already check in and pick my seats on my flights… can I still check for the possible first class upgrade 24 hours prior??

  18. BrittleProductions Reply

    I recently discovered the clothes rolling trick. It helps a lot!

  19. Shonda W Reply

    I just flew for the first time and everything was good except for MY EARS! I felt like I was in a torture device and then they popped. Does that get better the more you fly?

  20. Ascanya Alejandra Reply

    For some reason I just cant play this video on any of my devices and I really want to watch it gosh

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