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Travel Tips: Which packing method REALLY packs the most clothes? (CC)

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  1. Erin's Travels

    My first YouTube video EVER! I have entered the 21st Century! Also, I am
    really sad that rolling the clothes didn’t win. :(

  2. Sassygamergal

    The 3rd one is called inter-folding 

  3. frappuccino68

    I think the 3rd method is called “the bundle method”. Love the cat, btw!

  4. FiftiesFatimah

    I’ll most likely do the bundle folding, or fancy folding as you call it
    LOL. Im a 4x so I feel like the rolling method for me would still take up a
    lot of room.

  5. The Europe List

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    youtube but it would be great if you could check my channel out: The Europe
    List https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnDDKH0DRRYENIqOKhXOquw

  6. Erin's Travels