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Travel Tips: Wrinkle-Free Clothes Without an Iron

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  1. L McDonnell Reply

    There’s a product called OdorJet. It uses a hair dryer as well. But it
    de-wrinkles the entire garment in just seconds. It also removes all traces
    of odors, even smoke and alcohol smells. You have to see the 30 second
    ironing video.

  2. Courtney Scott Reply

    thanks Sonia! I used this tip recently and it was such a savior!

  3. Boon Hui Reply

    Haven’t you done this tip before? Anyway, I remember that the house
    hairdryer stopped working and produced a burning smell when I last tried

  4. yao9598 Reply

    ughh wtf sonia, you’ve done this tip in another video before. :(

  5. inkprincess09 Reply

    Thanks Sonia! I appreciate your travel tips!

  6. lsi Reply

    Hi sonia, could you please tell me what brand/type of hair dryer this is?
    is it dual voltage? Looking for a good dual-voltage hair dryer for travel.
    Thank you!

  7. yao9598 Reply

    Sonia you’re probably going to hate me for doing this but,
    Travel Tips: How To Avoid Packing Hell
    I don’t want you to get sloppy.

  8. Nuno Basto Reply

    I know this won’t be seen by sonia, but i’m trying to motivate people to
    come to Portugal. So, if you guys are interested in good wine or beautiful
    beaches or even in stunning monuments, just come and visit us we sure
    appreciate it 😉 

  9. Brynn mo Reply

    This isn’t about this video but my family and I are thinking about
    traveling to Ecuador and I was wondering if you’ve been there or have any
    knowledge. Thanks and keep up the great videos! There so fun to watch and
    very inspiring since my dream is to travel the world!

  10. CharlineLikesC Reply

    I already used that tip to decrease a few of the wrinkles on a top that I
    wanted to wear for going out – it is a flowy top that is never wrinkle
    free, but it had a few harsh creases that I blew away :)

  11. Benjamin Sorvel Reply

    I need this woman in my life.

  12. Robin Valdes Reply

    Soniia, you mentioned that you take your own hair dryer. I was wondering
    about this too. Doesn’t it take up too much precious space in the suitcase?
    I prefer my own and don’t want all of my travel photos to have me with
    crazy hair! Any tips on packing and adapters for European outlets?

  13. Ruby Chiang Reply

    I feel like Sonia is running out of travel tips, I think we really should
    try and think something new for Sonia so she could make a completely new
    video with a new idea and not repeating her tips that she had already done
    in another video

  14. ajmalh456 Reply

    Great tip Ill use this even though im not traveling LOL

  15. Richard Wooldridge Reply

    Packing that huge hair dryer would be a pain! No way.

  16. Boni B Reply

    Awesome tip Sonia! hope you had a fantasic Christmas! ~ Boni B from
    Kamloops BC

  17. Jeff Young Reply

    Great Tip. I’m gonna figure out how to get some results on a suit..jic

  18. happyc00kie Reply

    My hair straightner to do twisted edges

  19. giselagusto Reply

    Can you do a video on how you pack makeup or what makeup you bring??
    Thanks!!! Love all your videos!!

  20. BrainBerry Reply


  21. 7thvirgo Reply

    You’re so pretty!

  22. gpeter1981 Reply

    Love your tips! Anything on how to pack a parachute quickly? :)

  23. Shaikha Al-Khulaifi Reply

    Your travel tips are always helpful i love your channel soooo much and i
    love packing videos most

  24. shadowgirl43421 Reply

    Sonia, I love your videos, but I wish they were longer.

  25. Jahsiere Ellis Reply

    I think this is very instresting but if you go to my channel you might find
    more on my hair thAt I do like tracks and exstintions 

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