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  1. sweetvidalias

    Ohhhhhh noooooo! I don’t have a small Indian to travel with! No biggie-
    i’ll bring an amish doll- it’s basically the same 🙂

  2. kiahkitty

    what software do you edit with?

  3. emashee

    People who don’t understand her humour, probably xD

  4. spencoid

    you live in my neighborhood! Greenpoint! Greenpoint! Greenpoint!

  5. Gianna Rossi

    This video made me laugh… I haven’t really laughed in quite a while now.
    I’ve been in France visiting family for the past month, and I CAN’T WAIT to
    return home to the U.S. Life is so slow and boring here. People here do
    nothing but gossip and bitch about the weather. It’s no wonder why everyone
    drinks themselves to death here. France is a wonderful place to visit, not
    to live.

  6. Jessstar666

    Shannonnnnnn! Where did you get your cat wallet? It’s so cute 🙂

  7. Jefftheostrich

    Do you live in one of those little mini apartment things? looks like it.

  8. ffymile

    why was your family in puerto rico? you can’t be puerto rican can you?

  9. TheGuruFashion

    love her !

  10. Shirley G

    lol do you have a toothbrush for each individual tooth?

  11. AmberKatelynBeale

    so like where do you sleep then O_o

  12. rockinqueenful

    Lol! Genius new floss utilizations… You can use the mirror to spy people,
    just saying…

  13. LilRedFoxPictures

    Indian in the cupboard is the bestest

  14. nbloom69

    I think I just realized ou have an accent. Are you from Porta Rico???

  15. qtownboi88

    vip on a plane lol

  16. aHeartforTravel

    Loved the V.I.P. Floss! haha :}

  17. jabbasnuffin

    that dental floss clothes line is actually not a bad idea..

  18. Lorna Sophia

    I DINT KNEW ABOUT THIS. OMG . I’m sad now.

  19. spotteddogmemphis

    I love ur freckles. I’m not making fun of you, I really do love your
    freckles. Cutest chick on YouTube. 🙂

  20. Manuel Molini

    Hooooolddd UP! I’m from Puerto Rico, and I have seen your videos for a
    while now, and NEVER in my mind came up that you had family in puerto rico.
    You like Puerto Rico?

  21. vanillakirsty

    Haha! This is very good advice! I’m going to watch this again before my
    trip in December. 😛

  22. catipolX

    Bringing a waffle iron, can of Aerosol spray and a candle onto the plane?
    It’s good you got your colorful shorts.

  23. Holly Mooney

    Shannon, you look very tall in your videos

  24. Hannahgetsdressedxxo

    I don’t know how you don’t get more views. Please make more videos! I love
    you so much. 🙁

  25. Tahababy74

    Travel with couple bucks