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Travel With Kids China – M.S. Yangzi Explorer Sanctuary Cruises

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  1. indigowaterpool

    May I make a suggestion? Traveling with kids on a boat to China is a great
    opportunity to teach them about Chinese culture before bedtime. Sheldon
    Patnett has this book you can use with 12 quotes in it. You can read one,
    two or three pages a night to your kids before bedtime. The book’s name is
    “Chinese Quotes And Proverbs For Kids With Pictures.” I’m sure there are
    similar books out there that can help. Looking forward to traveling your
    ship sometime!

  2. Ryan Inman

    I love mountainous landscapes!

  3. travelwithkids

    @lelib2007 Thanks! Where did you last see them? On TV or did we meet
    traveling. Someday we will write that book!