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  1. PrimroseMakeup

    I hope you guys like this new video!! HAPPY FRIDAY! <3 We actually didn't
    have school today which was amazing so we were able to get the video up!
    YAYY!! :D

  2. Muskaan Moideen

    Goin to india on Saturday alone, my mum n dad went thr a month ago n im
    gnna go meet them. When they went I had school so stayed wit my grams. So
    its gnna b the 8th time im taking a plane but im taking it alone and im 12

  3. Layah Style

    I’m going from Texas(where I live now) to my home state,Ohio to go to my
    cousin’s senior graduation then RIGHT AFTER that we have to drive from Ohio
    to Minnesota for my other cousin’s wedding then we’re going back home
    (Texas) to just chill and settle down for a day then we’re going to go to
    Carnival Cruise Magic which I’m SO happy about which we’re going to
    Cozumel,(I hope I spelt it right) Mexico then Florida I think and then the
    Bahamas and we’ll land back in Texas and we’re going to the space/NASA
    Museum thing and then we’re going to Six Flags(amusement park) and then a
    whole bunch of water parks. (BTW,We’re not doing that in one day,It’s
    impossible,lol.) So yeah… That’s going to be my trip.

  4. ChelseasLand

    Im Going Home (Russia) to see my family

  5. Angelina H

    I see you are a foster the people fan

  6. Takiyah Monrose-Richardson

    Awesome video!! You had some cool and handy tips. Keep what your doing up
    because it is awesome!!

  7. Kayleighjb

    I’m a traveler 

  8. Annabelle Bowman

    going to Florida! im so excited its gonna be my first time flying

  9. Captain Jellyroll


  10. Virag Murphy

    I’m going to Hawaii, Kona in Spring!

  11. Nicole Mason

    I’m going to Florida by car which is a 10 hour drive

  12. Ingride Ferreira

    I’m travelling and also MOVING to PORTUGAL!!!

  13. PandaBaby51

    Wash your clothes before wearing.. People just dump them on the factory
    floor. It’s not clean

  14. Nicole Kristine

    cool DIY stuff I did it it works thaks

  15. Tionne Brown

    I’m going back to Jamaica for nine weeks this summer, by myself. I’m so

  16. The Vlogger Girls

    Omg flying alone to FL!!!!! So excited! But I’m a minor so….. Anyone have
    some tips? Oh and I have to go with my 5 year old brother….. Ugh

  17. Eve Orourke

    Hey I’m traveling to California in October

  18. Girl Online xxx

    im going to miricous from england xx

  19. Alexis Richter

    I am going to Alaska for my second time so excited!!!!!!

  20. Laila Laila

    OMG that shower cap shoe thing is genius and also the earring and necklace
    thing is genius AND DONT FORGET the makeup and liquid bottle THING IS
    AMAZING thanx for the tip n ideas! Xoxo

  21. Matilda Olsson

    Moving from Sweden to USA for 10 months on my exchange year :)

  22. MadisonGuess

    Don’t stop and she’s not afraid…… Yeah I kinda freaked out

  23. Captain Jellyroll

    im going from California to Minnesota to visit my gf, and its my first time
    going alone ;; im scared-

  24. Edward Polanco

    Im going on a cruise in june for my birthday

  25. Virag Murphy

    Is that a private jet