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Travel/Airplane Packing Tips! | Mia

My Top 10 Airplane & Travel Packing tips!
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    I'm going to fiorida to.

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    This was awesome????????

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    My suitcase is pink

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    I've never been on a plane before.

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    Super helpful! Thanks ????

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    Thanks for that shoes in the plastic bag idea????????

  8. ThePotatoBee Reply

    This is just stupid because th first one says "Pack Before You Leave* I MEAN EVERY ONE FREAKIN DOES THAT! HOW CAN YOU DO IT ON A PLANE?

  9. Elizabeth Neumeyer Reply

    well i have to sit in a six hour flight ????

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    thnx fot the tips! they really helped me

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    My plane ride is 7 hours ????????

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    Watching because soon going!????

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    you are beautiful

  14. Nikol Stoycheva Reply

    I'm gonna be on a plane for over 15 hours and I download all my music for FREE w/out wifi with the "Documents" app then just go on "mp3juices" from the browser and search and download:)))

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    Nice vid

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    Song 3:40???

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    It would of been cheaper and better if you just paid for primary Spotify

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    I'm leaving in 7 days and this really helps

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    you are beautiful

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    I was rolling my clothes but then ate my clothes got wrinkle

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