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Travelling backpacking, Gap year through South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Bali!

All the best bits of my recent travels caught on camera. If you are undecided about where to go travelling in the future, take a look. Travelling/backpacking across Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Borneo), Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, , Australia , New Zealand and Bali. We spent 4 weeks in Malaysia working in orang-utan conservation, half our time spent volunteering in zoo and the other half living with the Iban tribe deep in the Bornean Jungle. The rest of our time was spent backpacking from place to place, sight-seeing , partying, riding tuktuks, motorbikes, elephants..and ostrich’s?!?!?!

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  1. Cindy

    Wow this trip looks epic, thanks for sharing.

  2. Camp Sakartvelo

    Camps International is the best!!! 

  3. heynub123

    hey, im thinking of going on a gap year soon to new zealand, did you use an organisation throughout the whole trip? if so, what organisation?? and did you meet those people that you're with on the trip or did you know them before you set out on your trip? 
    and where in new zealand did you go?

  4. matt robertson

    How much money did the whole trip cost you including the 4 week real gap trip??

  5. jaxm123

    lonely planet, southeast asia on a shoestring 🙂

  6. darcy louise

    hey do you have the link for the guide book you used? would be so helpful. looked amaaaaazing!

  7. Lisa Klawitter

    Looks amazing, pretty similar to what I wanna do, how much did it cost you?

  8. MikeyRobo

    How much did this cost?

  9. Soraya B

    I have also taken a gap year but I'm still raising funds for travelling in summer by working in a call centre. (lol, seriously, it's hell) If anyone wants to know a bit more about doing the money raising bit of the year you can see a video about it on my channel.

  10. Chloe Rudderham

    Eughh i'm so jealous! It looks amazing!

  11. GamingObsession

    Hi, your gap year looked awesome! I was wondering how much the whole journey cost you? What was the most expensive part of it? thanks :)

  12. laura knott

    PS- NATHAN!! 

  13. laura knott

    1 more: Being a young girl and all, would it be a good idea to travel alone? 

  14. laura knott

    WOW this looks incredible. I want to do this. Was going with an organization a good decision? Also if you don't mind me asking….sorry…what is the approx cost of something like this? 

  15. Juanita020

    Hi I'm thinking of doing something like this, and booking through Real Gap -my friend showed me their site the other day! As silly as it sounds, I'm worried about now knowing anyone? Do people tend to join in groups or with friends? I really want to make the most of this gap year! I'd appreciate if it you could give me some insight after having what seems to be an absolutely amazing experience!!!! xx

  16. jaxm123

    the Orangutans was booked through 'Real Gap' as a 4 week experience in Malaysia. The rest was all done by us, no company, played it totally by ear 🙂

  17. jaxm123

    Hi! yeah no worries. We only used an organisation for the first month when we worked in Zoo Negara with Orang-utans which we booked through Real Gap. The rest of it we just worked out as we went a long and didn't book anything in advance. We would book internal flights and buses when we decided we wanted to move on. We used a lonely planet guide book which really helped us! and yes it was amazing and i am so glad I did it. I recommend it to everyone. if you have any more question just ask!

  18. ScandicPandora

    Hi! This is exactly the sort of experience that I'm looking for on my gap year! Could you pretty please let me know which organization you used? Also, (which this may sound stupid), did you really enjoy it? That would be so helpful. 🙂 Thank you very much! Means a lot.

  19. Koskiiify

    What organisation did you do this trip through? Looks amazing ^___^

  20. Muhammad Ridho

    Ketut Liyer, Eat, Pray, Love yeah i like part of Bali. But you must trying trip to Raja Ampat Island – Indonesia!!!