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Turkey demands more cash and faster visa-free travel for migrant help

Turkey is offering to step up its help to tackle Europe’s migrant crisis, but it wants more money and faster visa-free travel.

Ankara is reportedly demanding an extra three billion euros, doubling the amount already pledged by the EU.

Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu has come up with new proposals to help stem the flow of migrants, as he meets leaders in Brussels.

“Familyphoto” of the EU-TurkeySummitMeeting in Brussels.. pic.twitter.com/rQtpkdt61Z— VolkanBozkir(@volkan_bozkir) 7 Ma…
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  1. Kennedy.binni.belinda Binni

    Great even more Muslims allowed to get into the EU, no wonder the fare right is growing.

  2. Audi A3

    No one likes Turkey …

  3. Swindon People's Assembly

    Bank in the EU can create money out of thin air, give them the Credit, let them have the refugees! And don't buy Turkish Beef, because they treat their cattle dreadful in transportation and EU know this and do nothing….Humans are now treated like cattle . Wait and see what Agenda 2030 brings with the G20! then we will see who owns the entire Economy then. Money owners is the cause of much problems in our world and the people who double the books!

  4. FearlessAgainstStupidity

    Turkey is the nr 1 financier of ISIS. Stop giving them money!!!

  5. PJ

    Dirty greedy corrupt scum demand even more money. Who would have thought.

  6. sam james

    Ridiculous…..that the migrant crisis has become so severe without a plan of action by the affected governments—then they demand money to solve the problem! Those not in the EU must be very thankful for not having jumped on that bandwagon years ago!

  7. Thodor1s

    You really have to stretch the definition of Europe to have Turkey in.

  8. Jasminewynja

    No! Turkey is a part of the problem and should not get any money from the EU. Especially not when they are trying to extort the EU with "if you don't want us to not let the migrants through Trukey give us more cash and faster visa-free travel". Why not care for our own borders instead of relying on Turkey, a non- democracy?