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Ultimate Cruise Ship Fails Compilation 2016 || WinFail Nation

Ultimate Cruise Ship Fails Compilation 2016 || WinFail Nation

Best of large ships fails and accidents with cruiseships.
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  1. Landon Darr

    What the fuck this shit is low quality and all of this did not come from 2016 bitch!!

  2. joseph hunt

    Little bitch! Putting costa concordia in this video! 30 people died on that thing!

  3. miepmiepzoefzoef

    old crap. when you put 2016 in the title, use 2016.

  4. Mark Reed

    The Costa Concordia sinking was not a joke or a fail. It was a cowardly act by the captain. RIP poor souls

  5. Realbilbs 287


  6. zetlander Soaghar

    the two boats head on whilst under speed were private boats not cruise boats. The other 'fails' were mostly cruise ships berthing or being affecgted by hurricane weather whilst along side.

  7. Peter Crockett

    This has got to be one of my all time favorites~! Watched multiple times – just wow

  8. ruben kytedijksterhuis

    SCARY SHIT !!!!!!!!!!