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Vacation Budget, Planning and Savings Tips

John and I share lots of tips that will help with budgeting and planning for a vacation. We have found a lot of ways to save money on pretty much everything for a vacation. We share how we save on plane tickets, hotel rooms, food, attractions and more.

Our Meals on Vacation: https://youtu.be/jJ8Oz6bk5CY

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Part 4 L.A., Beverly Hills, Hollywood: https://youtu.be/AFasPhmVlmk
Part 5 San Diego: https://youtu.be/B33SQHg2-Ps

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  1. Mich Person

    Check out AirB&b app, which you may have heard of. We have found some awesome deals. You have a choice of renting overnight or long term. Places vary from a bedroom to a total home or condo, some rooms are just extra rooms a person never uses within their home. I personally prefer to rent a privet room or total home or condo myself.

  2. Jonathan Brown

    Thanks for the valuable info!

  3. Fran A

    You guys are such a cute couple.  You look like a perfect match!

  4. diane patton

    Great tips. Thanks so much. I'll be implementing the points cards

  5. KMC De Pena

    Jen very nice video

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    Your husband won the lottery having
     you as a wife.  I hope you tell him each day how lucky he is.

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    Jen your husbands voice…so deep compared to your sweet voice

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    Thanks Guys! This was great information, and I enjoyed that you did this video together. As a relatively new subscriber, I've been working through HJDI videos every day. I'm learning so much from your channel. Frankly, since I've been tuning in, all my tasks are approached with more enthusiasm. 

    Will surely check out your other vacation vlogs.Thanks again! :-)

  11. Megan P (MMP77)

    I read the book by the Economides family. When traveling, they would look up the nearest thrift stores and would purchase a cheap crock pot. Then they would go to the nearest grocery store and get stuff to cook dinner in the crock pot all day in the hotel. I don't remember but I am betting they brought their own spices. The maids never bothered it.  When they ate out, it was a cheaper meal like lunch or breakfast. At the end of the trip they would re-donate the crock pot. That's definitely extreme but I suppose if it was all someone could do, it might be worth it. And even if someone bought a crock pot outright and gave it to one of the maids afterward, they would probably still save a bundle on one or two dinners.

  12. skyeangel61

    Any tips on how to get gifts for X Mas in NY.  I'm planning to shop there so my suitcase isn't to heavy but last minute shopping scares me. 

  13. travellady68

    I own a travel agency now for 11 years. Most vacation agencies allow you to lay away and pay depending on your trip type. I use to open a savings account directly for vacations which was direct deposited out of my check. Since I am retired now and a business owner I travel for cheap. All travel websites offer vacation packages which include car, air and hotel just click on vacation package. Great tips on your videos. Also get in contact with the hotel or resort concierge service. They are the best when you need them. Love resorts and condo don't do the hotel thing if I don't have too. Glad you guys come to nc that's my state.

  14. sandyvwj

    Jen I wish I can hug u right now, seriously. I was just telling maricel if her and her husband can do a video on budgeting then I find your channel. Fate or what? God knows I needed this. My husband and I have been trying to figure out what to do on our next trip. this is our second big trip, the first one wasn't too well planned so we spent a lot more then suppose to. we want to avoid that issue. This was very very helpful, I already added this to my favorites!!! I appreciate both of you doing this so much. 

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    Very helpful! Thanks for sharing. 

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    Have ye guys ever been to Europe? Recommend Ireland lol or greece zante is amazing!

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    Thank u guys, u gave us tips that we didn't even low about it, thanks for ur honesty and faithfulness as well! God bless u all!

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    Great video! We've never used Priceline but have used Expedia which we love so next time I am planning I will have to look into that. Thanks

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