Enjoy Your Trip

Vacation Tips for Every Budget

Sometimes people forget what they can afford when it comes to spending money on vacations. In this video, I share some tips about what your vacation should look like depending on what baby step you are on.

Debt and Appearances Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEBKqPdX-Ws

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  1. Life As A Wife

    Thanks for the tips, Rachel. So great to know that you can enjoy life and plan a vacation even if it's small!

  2. ir10031981

    National Lampoon's Vacation!
    I'm having a staycation and watching the movie on Youtube.

  3. Tasha Marshall

    Thank you Rachel. I was about to take a trip that I could not afford. I have 800 dollars saved and I was going to use that money to go on my trip but now I am going to work on baby step number one. Thanks I have to go check out some of your other videos

  4. Karen Tran

    Wearing my patience hat until next year when we're planning to go to Asia – already saving for it! What's on your summer reading list this year?

  5. Freedom In A Budget

    Delayed gratification was so hard to learn at first but now it just comes natural! Great video!

  6. B Villa

    I liked the video but was hoping for some tips like the title says…

  7. Stacy Angel

    I waited 3 years to go on another vacation and just got back from a delayed honeymoon 16 years later to Hawaii.. It was all paid for except we ended up having identity theft on our income tax that was gonna pay for $6000 of it so that stunk. But We are believing God to meet the need.

  8. S&J Reinke

    Love your dress!