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Venice, Italy: Travel Tips and History

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  1. Stella Maris

    “She looks a sea Cybele, fresh from ocean,
    Rising with her tiara of proud towers
    At airy distance, with majestic motion,
    A ruler of the waters and their powers.”

    – Lord Byron

  2. In1998able

    tering mooi zeg!!!!!

  3. Deborah Pinney
  4. Christelle Gely

    “THE worst thing you can do, if lost in Venice, is to mind.
    Venice is a city made for getting lost. Its streets are narrow, twisting
    and dark, and half of them are made of water. …
    Being lost, teaches you to concentrate on whatever is in front of your
    face. This may include the four white bedsheets moving, like a mother and
    her daughters, on a laundry line above the canal.
    Getting lost in Venice usually means running into a number of dead-end
    streets. But no dead-end street is ever really dead. …”
    New York Times
    #Venice #Italy 

  5. Nel Morán
  6. Tom Osborne

    What Rick says here is wonderful and he shows how wonderful Venice can be.
    Absolutely, no matter what map you have in your guidebook or you printed
    off from Google Maps (showing you how to find your hotel, for example),
    those are all inadequate…instead, as soon as you find a kiosk in the
    street, by a good map of Venice for about 3 Euros. This one step will make
    the difference between loving Venice and wanted it to sink into the lagoon.

  7. jtan2010

    did he say gracias to the two elderly lady..lol

  8. OnTheGoWithCarson

    Going to Venice in May 2014, this is a really great video and got me
    excited! Thank you 🙂

  9. zdzxzdzx

    the title was tricky 😀 cool video tho :))

  10. Stuart 's HQ travel videos

    Nice video!

  11. Lydia Stevenson

    Very interesting. Thank you.

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    Fantastic video !!! Thank you.

  13. keepthemusicplaying0

    Rick your videos are very informative and quite to the point. Well done,
    keep up the good work. This one about Venice (my city) is awesome! Ciao e
    buon lavoro !!

  14. bokeflo

    I Loved the few days I spent in Venice. I hope to get back there soon.

  15. keandric

    Cool little video. Thanks Mr. Steves 🙂 And a good tip. If I ever have a
    chance to go to Venice, I will take your advice 🙂

  16. Peter Gee

    really, you can’t get lost, just go round and round…..

  17. Mr. Eevee

    i like venice alot