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Vietnam Airlines upgrades service quality

Vietnam Airlines actively comprehensive upgrade service quality with the goal to become a 4-star airline on the region and in the world, Along with putting into operation the new generation aircrafts of A350 and B787.

Located in overall program upgrade of service quality to 4-star standard, catering services on flights of Vietnam Airlines are strong innovated to bring their passengers interesting experience. Compared to the past, the list of Vietnam Airline services of meals is richer and more diverse; menu on each route is designed separately between outbound and inbound, changed from time to time and every season to meet the demand of passengers.

Vietnam Airline representative said catering services on its flights according to 4-star standard service has changed comprehensively from meals to drinks. Facilities are redesigned modern (Economy Class) and according to standard of restaurant and hotel (Vietnam Airlines Business Class with large plates, standard wineglass and cups). Also, menu is selected and fully renewed.

Business Class passengers can enjoy Signature Dish like traditional beef noodle served on original flights in Vietnam and main course directly presented on large dish by flight attendants for return flight from British, France, Germany, Australia and Japan. In addition, drinks are also added such as juice fruit, 3 special cocktails of Vietnam Air Lines (Hello Vietnam, Red River and Saigon Sunlight) made by specialist Vo Tan Si, Chairman of Saigon Bartenders Association and member of World Bartenders Association. There are 6 types of tea (green tea, black tea and herbal tea) and three types of coffee (black, cappuccino and espresso), brand-name pure water and carbonated mineral water.

Signature Dish is one of hot main courses served on the Class C of the preferred routes. From September 2015, Business Class passengers on Vietnam Air flight from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to Heathrow (London, UK) has been serving the beef noodle, one of three main courses to choose from in breakfast.

This is a traditional dish that Vietnamairlines introduces to the program upgrade of catering services on flights following the 4-star standards. Following the route to the UK, beef noodle is expected to serve on the flights from Vietnam to France, Germany, Australia and Japan, after the aircrafts of B787- 9 and A350-900 are put into operation on these routes.

From the freshest ingredients, carefully selected and prepared by experienced chefs of Noi Bai Catering Services Joint-Stock Company and MTV Catering Services Limited Company, the aromatic and hot bowls of beef noodle will bring passengers delicious taste of the famous noodle shops in Hanoi. Moreover, earlier in SeptemberArticle Submission, Noi Bai Catering Services Joint Stock Company (NCS) – a subsidiary of Vietnamese Airlines received award the best catering services company in 2014 (The best caterer) awarded by Japan Airlines. This is the second time (2013 – 2014) NCS receives this award.

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