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{Viking River Cruise} Follow me on my Grand European 15 Days Tour – Day 1 [Amsterdam]

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​Music: Michael Behm
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Music: The Professor’s Lab by Christian Bjoerklund
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  1. Mohammed Raza

    hi, we are a group of 4 young guys willing to go on a cruise. Would you recommend one which has an energetic environment with more youngsters. thanks in advance.

  2. Etroppa Baratli

    Please leave Europe alone , chinese people, the only place where we can stay and not to see asians black people

  3. Rick 13

    what is the background music?

  4. lfinnewyork

    Was there two months ago, November, simply wonderful journey. Love it.

  5. MontiR Aruba

    I have taken the Carnival ocean cruise and I came across the Viking River Cruise website and find it very liking. Your video is very informative. Thank you for sharing. I have family living in Holland so this is a double excuse for us to travel from the US to Europe and even try the Viking River Cruise. By the way, you have really pretty shiny (healthy) hair. Thanks again for sharing your video.

  6. Salma Klein

    Was in Amsterdam in may! What a wonderful city I highly suggest u to visit it

  7. natty5025

    Thanks so much for sharing this series with us! I love your vids, so easy to watch and informative. I've often wondered about the Viking tours and seeing it first hand is great!

  8. J WONG (imsowong)

    wow this cruise looks very nice, but I feel like it would be fun to bring a big group with me hahaha bring my own younger crowd. Everything looks very classy and to a high standard. 

  9. Bibi Jo


  10. E Winston

    Love, love, love your videos.I can't wait for day two and so on. Thank so much for sharing.

  11. kvloveslv