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Viking River Cruise Grand European Tour 15 Days! Netherland, Germany, Czech Republic, Austria, Slova

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  1. vatonorteno

    Hong Kong expat from Canada, right?  Why do you always wear sunglasses?  Do you have a problem with your eyes?

  2. Javed Ahmad

    I stopped watching, you are boring and too much. are you related to the sales guy you are sales for your self. no good.

  3. Edward Travels

    Great video! I'd like to di a Viking River Cruise

  4. Darth Plagueis

    Nice ????

  5. J WONG (imsowong)

    OMG haha that used to by where my travel agent was from!! Market Village right??? 

  6. sherryp

    Where did you get that gorgeous white bolero?  I want one.