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  1. p mur

    Le Tableaux Senegal
    By Phyllis C.Murray

    If I could paint a picture on the canvas of your imagination,
    There would be a rock
    as strong as as black as my brothers
    the sculptures black.
    There would be rivers
    as clear and as wise as my elders
    .the diamond glistening.
    There would be the Hibiscus
    as sweet and alive as my children
    the dolls so pretty.
    There would be markets
    as beautiful and radiant as my sisters
    the fabrics so delicate
    Now my painting is complete
    I will absorb myself withing its texture,
    My arms will be the frame;
    And I will call the painting…
    (c) 1987

  2. Dean Guyer

    I’ve seen many countries but none had the impact on my soul like Senegal.
    It’s a marvelous place to visit and the people are what make it so special.
    There are so many warm people that gladly invite you into their home to
    share a meal or memories, even if some are put off by the Toubabs ;)

  3. Josephinachristina wernke