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Vlog #35 : DAY 2 onboard Star Cruises Superstar Virgo – Penang Malaysia (10/28/13)

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  1. scooture Archi

    fucking asians why they dont say fucking asian whatever language?

  2. Aaron Tan

    Great vid!^-^

  3. Joshua Loh

    I’m half maleysian

  4. TheViperStrikes747

    Hope You Had A Great Christmas Poul!

  5. PinoyTravel TM
  6. Aaron Tan

    Great vid!^-^

  7. rexxzie

    More vlogs in 2014 plz!!

  8. Jeffery Lam

    Support your video

  9. Nabil Tohoin

    malaysia is hot so everyone can go outside being sexy and tan

  10. Katherine Kaila

    When is the next vlog?

  11. JcthegreatestPro

    Yay finally it came out haha another great video!

  12. rexxzie

    More vlogs in 2014 plz!!

  13. Derp³ Games
  14. evancortez2

    Always wanted to go to Singapore :)