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Want an airline upgrade? We’ll give you the insider tips!

As the mercury rises, so too do the number of people leaving the desert for the summer, keen to take a break after a busy year.

Yet how many of you have saved air miles all year to bag an upgrade on that flight out, only to discover it’s not possible?

It’s a frustrating scene, but there are ways to master the upgrade game, as long as you know how to beat the system.

Katie Fielder went to find out the insider tips.

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  1. tony matthews

    after eight flights a year with Emirates I finally gave up on them, the quality of service has dropped considerably,  little things like greeting frequent fliers by name has gone all together. on my last trip I asked about an upgrade Manchester to Bangkok return they asked for £1800, when I explained that with the almost £700 I had already paid totalled more than a business class ticket, she just shrugged and said that's the price.

  2. Sat The pro

    I always fly Emirates because I live in Dubai haha

  3. Yamin Ahmed

    Lionel, I had transit for 9 in Dubai and had to do immigration cause Emirates gave us hotel due to our transit time so when we went to the immigration officer no smile and I don't remember if the replied my hello and they work slow.

  4. Mark Ukrainetz

    I cant imagine your wallet on the slim side if your flying on Emerite in the first place

  5. lionel delmas

    Funny how in commercials they always show the Dubai immigration smilling at the passenger, I've never ever seen a Dubai agent smile or even answer if I say hello….so unprofessional