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We Call This Home – 3 Years Around the World Travel

We Call This Home - 3 Years Around the World Travel

3 years – 60 countries. In 2011 I quit my job after saving up and started to travel around the world. I trekked amazing landscapes, checked off the bucket list, hitchhiked, slept anywhere I could, and made countless friends. These are my memories.


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At 0:55 the film goes in chronological order of countries visited except for the snorkeling edit at 1:02.

For a list of locations in the film visit: https://www.wecallthishome.com/?page_id=1413


Carousel – Let’s Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix)

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Shot with a Nikon D700, Nikon D800, Canon 7D, Gopro 2, Gopro 3, Gopro 4, iphone 4s.

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

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    This video is awesome! So inspiring.

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    My teacher showed me this it's so awesome!!

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    DIY backpack mounted Gopro? or did you buy a rig?

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    I make lifestyle travel/adventure videos and I usually post onto Instagram but I decided to give YouTube a go! I know these self-promo comments are super annoying, but your support would mean everything. Thanks and feel free to ignore this message. Lord knows that's what I always do….

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    one of the best travel videos on youtube hands down, truly inspiration, a youtube classic ????????

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    This is just amazing !! That one of my dream 😀
    Make a big travel all around the world <3

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    hi from Ukraine. hope you liked it

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    O my god this is my dream

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    he din't visit my hometown, "Sarawak" or it's in another videos?

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    Loved to see one of these,
    the trips, the editing… awesome!

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    i like this video

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    TRAVEL GOALS! love the video! i also make travel videos, if anyone would like to watch them it would mean the world and be sure to hit the like and subscribe button 🙂 ps keep up the great work!

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    Hey there! Great adventure- I watched it twice!
    is it rude for me to ask if you made any money from this video? I too have a travel video that is performing well on YouTube & I was curious to see if I would make any money after 1 million views? (I also used a copyright song) Appreciate any advice you can give! thanks ????

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    It was inspired me..????????

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    if only i had much money to travel the world…

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    inspiring!! <3

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