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What do the crew cabins look like!? (On cruise ships)

Wanna know what it’s like where a seaman lives? Step inside our crew cabins aboard a cruise ship!

Have any questions about ship life? Feel free to contact me.

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View my last video, ‘Are Cruise Ships Safe?’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nP6ILOm3WtU


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  1. Gabe Videos Reply

    What ship were you on? Thanks!

  2. Clement G Indahouse Reply

    Thanx for the video, will be joining within a month :)

  3. Arsyil Zone Reply

    subscribe!!! oh my gosh. is my dream now to join cruise crew. i just need to patient with my contract now. and i will dive in to the crew life!!!! woooohooooo thanks for sneak and peek yooo!!! keep uploading!

  4. Bowie Fernandes Reply

    When u came fist on a ship what what was there

  5. Graeme Davidson Reply

    What is your role on the ship? Do cabin sizes differ by role?

  6. MollysMoshing TankCrew Reply

    how can i contact the people who do the interviewing? i watched one of your videos..i wouldnt mind doing this. it looks really fun to see all the different parts of the world. i just dont know how to get started D:

  7. Nathan Vann Reply

    What ship are you on?

  8. Maksym Nardyshev Reply

    can you please write size of your bag which is perfectly fits under bed?

  9. Maksym Nardyshev Reply

    but where is the place for my guitar?

  10. Maksym Nardyshev Reply

    HOLY SHIP!!!Thanks dudess!

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