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Booking a hostel can be stressful, but as two former hostel employees, we give you the insider tips to help save you time, stress, and most importantly money on your next hostel stay.

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  1. g1rock14

    one of the hostels at the beginning was the the New York loft hostel, right? right?!

  2. Rhesus

    7 tips??………so not 10 tips??……I think you need to edit your title.

  3. Candace Nicholson

    I actually disagree with the 2nd tip. I would put price over location, especially if you're trying to see more of a city than just the tourist sites. Also, it's important if you visit a city like Paris where all the tourist locations aren't in the same arrondissement anyway.

    If you're staying in a city more than a couple days, simply buy a weekly transit pass because you're going to need it anyway to travel back and forth with ease without going broke. Then, simply stay where you can afford and hop on public transit using your pass. This way, you can people watch and interact with locals — not just tourists or shops catering to locals. It'll give you a more authentic experience of how people in that city truly live.

    I stayed at a Toronto hostel in Danforth (on the far east side) and had an wonderful experience. It wasn't near a lot of tourist locations, but the subway/bus station was literally a 4 min-walk around the corner. It took 15 min or so to get to the tourist sites, but I got to take in more of the city, people watch, read my book, and just relax as I made my way west into the city centre. I needed the transit pass anyway to go all the places I wanted to go, plus I didn't look and feel like a tourist.

  4. Chanya Songthumjitti

    This is so useful. I used to misunderstand about hostel and thought bad about it but after I had stayed at hostel for the first time I changed my mind. It was better than I thought before and I am the one who falling in love with hostel right now. and thanks for all the good tips.!! :)

  5. Francis G

    What do you guys think about Waikiki Beachside Hostel in Hawai'i? I'm thinking about going there. I don't smoke, party or drink so I'm not really concerned going on Weekend because I'm introverted. Never done a Hostel before.

  6. Rico De Silva

    I actually stayed at that hostel HI Boston lol the only thing is you couldnt drink there the guy gave me a cup and ice to put it in

  7. Pim Singhatiraj

    have you guys tried couch surfing??? or homestays??? a video on that would be soso great, you're so relatable as travelers

  8. independance Inmylife

    Hi Jo=) there sorry I notice you say boo boo or bu bu? I am curious what that means=)?Please.

  9. Hannah Horner (loula98)

    Hey Damon and jo! I was wondering if there was anything that had to do with age when booking a hostel? Im traveling with my best friend and I'll be 18 but shell be 17. If I book it, can she stay with me?

  10. FinkyLee PokedYou

    What if you don't have wifi!? ????

  11. i feel famous

    literally taking notes

  12. Hannah Ogier

    How much were you paid? (roughly I ain't tryna be creepy) haha

  13. Veronika Sky

    what hostel did you guys work at in ny?

  14. Yoya Fabulosa

    Yaaaaas, everyone IS trying to shake their ass in Barcelona during the weekends! xD

  15. Cottoncanzy Annchristine

    love you guys so much! im from new york city im also a college student who wants to travel in the near future, and im looking for a new job. what hostel in new york did you guys work at

  16. Fabio Henrique

    Damon & Jo, please make a video about all the jobs you guys had to make money to travel… I need a light ????

  17. Liz Lopez

    recently i've heard that hostels are for backpackers and i was wondering if you're not a backpacker and just want to stay and travel around the cities are hostels still an option? also is there a time limit? i'm planning a month stay in australia. (:

  18. maia kay

    How many hours did you guys work in the hostel per day? And did you have a choice in what time of day to work?

  19. aj .permadi

    but mostly if you book your hostel by phone in whole europe (except netherlands) they don't speak english! and so hard to communicate lol. and it is true that staying in a hostel make your trip even more interesting! i love it! but still prefer couch surfing though. hostel is just for like last minute emergency option if i didn't get couch.

  20. JeanGuillaumeDB

    My first hostel was the HI NY 🙂 back in May 2012.